Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still Pretty


There has been a rumor floating around of another big snowstorm. We have milk and breadbfrom popping by Costco this weekend. Already, we have a couple inches. Honestly, I think I would welcome the chance to get snowed in with my sweetboys for a couple days. Sure, it isn't on the schedule, we have lots to do. But maybe, that's just it, the snow is forcing me to just stop. Maybe it's just God makething us to lie down in green (or snowy) pastures. Traditionally,  I don't like getting snowed in, but I have welcomed the last couple snow days. At first, I was mad we have to make them up come summer, but today, tonight, I think I'd rather lizten to all my boyz play videogames while I knit as the snow falls.  It's still pretty.