Sunday, February 2, 2014

An Attack of Cousins


It occurred to me late last night (this morning) when I couldn't sleep, there isn't a name for a group of cousins.  A group of geese is a gaggle.  A flock of sheep.  A herd of buffalo.  But what do you call a group of cousins?

Today was to have been the first time all 7 Willman cousins got together.  Unfortunately, Lexi got sick and Amy and JJ had to stay home with her.  However, today DID get to be the day that the boys got to meet their newest cousin, Baby Cole.  Cole is now a month old.  Already?!  How does that happen?  He's up a pound, and growing into all those beautiful wrinkles.  His legs are as long as Jacob's, but the rest of him hasn't quite caught up yet.  Aunt Erica was a little worried that the cousins wouldn't have much to play with, or be able to entertain themselves.  No worries there, the boys did just fine, playing with the pool table, and all of Baby Cole's toys.  But it did make me worry about the upcoming Attack of the Cousins, that was about to descend upon them, and that's when it came to me.  That's what you call a group of cousins.

An Attack of Cousins.

So as soon as we got in, the boys ganged up on little Cole.  They couldn't wait to touch him.  

Chris and Sam were pretty interested to Cole.  
And they were instantly enchanted, and fell in love too. 

He is so precious, he's about 7 1/2 pounds now, a gain of a pound in a month, not too shabby. 
All his little wrinkles are starting to fill in.  His legs are tremendously long I thought, long as Jake's, though the rest of him isn't quite caught up to Jake yet, I'm sure it won't be long. 

The boys were so good with the baby. 

Initially Jacob freaked out.  But once he was calm, he was interested in this new small thing. 
It's funny how I'm so used to seeing Jacob as the little bitty one, and to get him around someone the size of a football, makes Jacob look like the Beast.  I remember the first time we saw Kaylee after having Chris, she was walking, about 15 months old I think, and she came toddling in, saw Chris, and stomped over to him, like Godzilla, (KayleeZilla) calling BEEBEE!!! I'm sure it won't be long at all before Jake goes Kayleezilla on us.  In the mean time, he was tentative, and curious.  He immediately reached out to pet Cole.  

And Cole was mildly curious about Jake. 

Neither of them really knew what to do with each other.  But I say, oh yes, these two will be good friends. 

Oh yes, the visit was really for Uncle Karl's birthday.  
But we gotta praise all the cuteness.  
Luckily, Karl understood that, and was pretty content with it.  
He and Erica have done a Great Job.  

Sam wanted to get a closer look too when Daddy took his turn holding Baby Cole. 

Cole made the sweetest faces, he's begun smiling, but just like his cousin Jacob, the smiles are fast and fleeting, gone before Aunt Cathy gets the camera ready.  
And the big kids ran wild, an Attack of Cousins was the perfect description. 
But it was the best kind of attack or invasion that we could have it.  It was an Overdose of Cuteness!