Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Carry Over


Another big day yesterday,  first you have to know that one of the gifts that we got for the boys (that I forgot to mention) for Valentine's Day yesterday (picture below) were new snow sled discs in their favorite colors.  Sam adored his green one, and Chris was stoked about blue.   They couldn't wait to use them, unfortunately, they had school and the weather was still gross while it was light....

But today, we carried over our Valentine's celebration.
Eric made heart shaped biscuits and gravy from scratch, and we ate at the table covered with happy flowers.  

The first place we had to be was at Christopher's Belt Promotion. 
Sam was super excited, as it was to the Green belt, being Sam's favorite color.  The little ones were bonkers and griping about being hungry, so I missed most of the ceremony, and was out in the hall when Chris actually got promoted, Grrr.   Eric took this picture for me.  

 But another big thing we did yesterday was take the kids for photos.  Jacob is about to turn 10 months old, we finally got him in to get his 9 month pictures taken.  Close enough, right?!  We got a couple good shots, and a decent group shot, but it ended being about the same as his 6 month shots, just not as expensive. ;)

They aren't coming out until the end of February though.  

In the mean time, I got a couple of close up pictures of the flowers that Eric got me for Valentine's Day.  

This was the mini-rosebush, with tiny red buds on it.  

And I had never seen a rose so purple before, I think I love it!   These are totally unedited, so you can see what an awesome color this is! 

I don't know what this flower is called, but I've seen them in fake plastics.  *Turns out it's called Waxflower*
But it's beautiful, even prettier in real life than in plastic.

After pictures and lunch, we came home and the boys wanted to play outside with their new discs.  Eric let me be the one to go outside and 'show them how its done'.  So I did.  But either the snow was too soft, or I was, I didn't slide very well.  Eric took this picture of me sliding with the boys.

The boys definitely were better at it than I, but the soft snow inhibited our speed. 

We took a few trips down the hill, then Chris threw his disc all Captain America style into the snow.  

I "raced" Chris to the bottom of the hill behind the pine trees, only I didn't get very far very fast, and I kind of collapsed.   This was my view, a little bit beautiful.  

This was also my view as I did a snow angel, the snow felt remarkable on my always sore back. If it wasn't so darn hard to get back up and around, I'd go lay in the snow every day.   Chris kept racing down the hill, I use the term loosely, because the snow was so soft, he didn't go far or fast, but it was still fun. 

Selfie in the sun. :) 

Then we got up, and made a dash for the fort the kids built in the back with the last snow, which is still there.

Snow Fight! 

Chris saw me flip the saucer to throw snow, and decided he needed to do it too. 

Sam just liked to bean me with a snowball.  

We weren't out very long, but it was Fun.