Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Crazy Day


Ever have one of those days where you realize you might have overbooked yourself, but all the items on your list are things you want to do, you really do, but when you wake up, you think - Oh, I should just cancel it all, and go back to bed?  Today was one of those, but I didn't.  We did it all, and it was Wonderful.  So Thankful for my friends who make me get up and get out of the house even when I think I really don't want to.

First our day started with big doin's at church.  For once, Jake cooperated, and napped during the Sunday school hour, so that we made it to church on time.  The kids were singing at the 11 o'clock service.  It was a joint preschool and bigger kid's choir duet.

They sang two songs, one was a song from John 15:12, "This is my Commandment, that you love each other, in the same way I have loved you."  It was pretty jazzy, they echoed each other.  The second song was Jesus Loves Me.

First the kids sang for the Traditional service, then we chased them over to the Grace service (our newer contemporary service that goes at the same time) so that the kids could sing there too.  They loved hearing the kids, they were a big hit.  And my boys...well, they found their groove.  I recorded the whole video snippets of their songs, but blogger doesn't seem to like me loading a video any longer than 1 minute.  Luckily, the second time they sang, I recorded some "excerpts".  :)  


My boys are the ones in the red sweaters with trains on them....actually dancing. 
Yes, it's true, my kids have Spirit, yes they do. :) 


Their awesome job singing made up for the fact that they were Done during the rest of the service.  We grabbed them (and me) some Wendy's on the way home after church.  I had just enough time to nurse Jacob before heading to my friend J's house, for a 31 Party.  My friend Amy P has begun selling.  We had a gaggle of friends from Butler there, and there was probably more socializing going on than selling, but it was good.  I had serious doubts whether I wanted to leave Jacob, if he'd be ok.  But Eric wasn't feeling well, and I thought, oh if he's getting sick, we won't be able to follow up with our evening plans, and we'll have to stay in, so I better get away now while I can, you know, make hay while the sun shines.  So I left all my boyz to take naps, while I went and played with the girls.  Yes, I was having grown up girl talk, and drinking sparkly wine in the middle of the day - that's how crazy we got! 
I skedaddled out of the party after time got away from me, and zipped home to find all my boyz were in good moods.  Jake had gotten about a 45 minute nap, (and so did Daddy!) and they felt better.  The big boys had rested, and were in great moods and had picked up their rooms, so we decided to send them back to church for the evening.  They were offering a Valentine's Day party for the kids, aka Parents Night Out.  
Love them and leave them.  Even the little ones.  My friend Lori told me they'd have help so I could even leave Jake.  That was wild.  I haven't left him with anyone other than family before, and even then not very often.  But Jake was in a good mood.  I left him for the 31 party because I didn't think he'd handle being left at church.  

But doesn't this look like the face of a boy who's ready to Party?!
That's what I thought too.  
And I think I may have been a big weinie leaving him, he's 9 1/2 months old, he'll be all right for a couple hours.  I told myself that.  And you know what?!  He was! 

I snuck a couple pics of the big boys before we left, they ran in to their Sunday School classrooms, and Chris dug right in to coloring a placemat, and Sam wanted nothing to do with us.  They were there to Party!

Jake was fine when we handed him off, but I think he just didn't realize we'd left for a few minutes.  As we were walking out, I peeked in the window, and saw he was already crying.  But he had an adult holding him, and a teenager trying a million things to make him smile.  I steeled myself up, and thought, he'll be ok.  I had Faith that they'd find something to make him smile.  And I knew that they Loved him.  These folks are my church family, they love my babies like I do, so I can trust they'll take good care of them.   And they did.  

Eric and I hadn't had a date since Christmas vacation, and on that date, we'd gone to a movie with the intention to going to our favorite Thai place, Thai Lanna afterwards, but by the time the show was over and we checked in, Jake was a hot mess, so we went to relieve Mom for a bit.  We never made it to Thai.  I was bound and determined that we would have Thai tonight!  So we dashed from dropoff to Thai Lanna.  
Only, when we got there, things had changed slightly.  At first, I just noticed the menus were slightly different, but they still had my favorite things.  Then they didn't ask me soup or salad, they just brought me a salad.  It had a lovely peanut vinaigrette type sauce on it.  I liked it...and asked for soup too.  They brought me my chicken on a stick, aka chicken satay, and that was when they lost me.  The dip was the same sauce they'd used on my salad.  It wasn't the fabulous peanut sauce they used to serve, and there was no more cucumber dipping sauce either.  It was still yummy, but it was not the Be All End All that it used to be.  My shrimp on my shrimp pad thai were not as big as my head.  And even though the noodles were good, it wasn't the same.  
I don't like change.  
I told Eric he doesn't have to take me there for special occasions any more.  We might still be back, but it doesn't need to be fancy, because I won't be having mad pregnant-like cravings for it anymore.  Well, except that I still crave the soup.  According to the menu, the soup I love is called Tom Yum, and it's a lemongrass soup with chicken and veggies and cilantro, yup, it's warm freshness in a bowl, and I will miss it.  So I'm on a quest for the perfect Tom Yum.  My sister will no doubt help me, as she has a similar desire.  I didn't know her soup - Tom Yum was the same as the soup I had developed a love and  craving for until I read it on the menu - ah ha!  We'll have to test, you know for science, recipes to find one that works...and/or visit the best Thai places in town to make sure to find the best stuff.  So if you have any suggestions, do let me know...for Science.  

After our letdown at Thai Lanna, we decided to drown our sorrows by going to Target....with a stop at their Starbucks.  There was no way we had room to each get a drink, and I didn't want anything too filling, so we split a Caramel Apple Spice... and since it was a Date:  2 straws.  ;)

When we got back to the church, my sweet boy was not screaming.  He was tired, exhausted, but happy.  
He had a good time in the nursery.  I think he may be able to handle going again...once he forgives me for leaving him for most of the day.  It may take him a while to forgive me. 


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Have you been to the place on 86th next to Ocean World. It's something like Swasadee.