Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Valentesidentimas Day!


I'm sure you're aware of this holiday.  It is a make up day to spend time with family and loved ones, especially after feels like we've been in the house so long with the crummy weather, we don't know what to do.  So yesterday, we did a bit of everything.  After Chris had karate make up (for bad weather this week) we met the fam for lunch.  It was 50 degrees outside!

One of the prettiest days we'd had in a while.  We had warm days, sunny days, but still windy, or with rain, or blue sky with cold.  But this was a nice day and we didn't have much cooking, so we made plans with those we hadn't seen in a while.

Eric decided to go outside and do some work.  The recent winds had left a ton of sticks on the ground in the yard.  He came back inside, and shouted up to me, perplexed, "Someone leave a perfectly good teal taper in our yard!  Why would someone do that?" (Like he was confused that someone would go around town leaving random candles in people's yards) I said, "It's the snowman's nose."  Oatmeal the snowman was so big, that the baby carrots we would have used were only big enough to be eyes.  So he needed a proper nose.  And a giant taper candle was what I gave them.  Now the snowman is gone, and there was only a taper left behind, and Eric completely forgot.  

Then Eric took the Christmas lights down.  Hooray! 
It's all good, they were down before March right?!  It was the first day decent enough that he didn't have to worry about putting the ladder in snow, or slipping on the roof.  It was really dirty up there though, how does a roof get so dirty?!   Then he got a really wild hair, and broke out the grill, to cook this year's first round of grilled chicken.  It was so Yummy!  I've missed that good char flavor!    We invited our friend's the Julius's over for dinner.  It had been so long.  We'd done the Olympics party, but in my infinite wisdom, I'd forgotten to give the girls their Christmas presents.  So we finally got to do our gift exchange.   Finally!  And the children's minds were blown. :) 

Emily had asked for an Elsa doll, she didn't know we had one waiting for her from us for Christmas.  But when she started asking her Mom this week for the doll for her birthday (which is 3 weeks away, in March) we decided it was a Sign we needed to celebrate our Christmas...even if it was a bit more of celebrating Valentine's and President's day than Christmas.  Whatever, there were presents, the kids were thrilled. 

Chris was amazed.  Mike had gone to the comic book store and picked out some cool superhero comics.  Chris immediately disappeared.  When we found him 2 hours later, he had almost finished the first comic book. 

Sam was excited about his Jake and the Neverland Pirate toys, but he put them down to play My Little Ponies with their girls and their ponies.  After they left, he broke into the guys, and he was playing Hook all morning.  

The last thing I got Emily was a tiny pack of makeup, just eyeshadow and lip gloss in a little sparkly holder.  She was so excited, she couldn't wait to put it on.  She asked me to help her!  I was so thrilled to get the chance to help, for me to get to help a little girl with her own makeup for the first time was a first for me too, and I loved it.  I love that I have so many sweet girls in my life, that I don't have to miss these firsts since I have boys.  The boys have different kinds of first, but Emily made my day when she let me put eyeshadow on her for the first time.  She's growing up into quite the young lady, not sure if we're all ready for it.  These kids grow up way too fast.