Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My loves on a quiet evening


Hip Hip Hooray, the boys are behaving today. 
It was a Riley day, we had to take Chris in for therapy, and Sam had an ultrasound.
It made for a busy morning, and a busy day taking children to school and whatnot.  Such that by the end of the day, I wasn't really in the mood to leave the house.  I love to take Chris to karate most of the time, but I really just wanted to get my jammies on and do nothing.  So I did.  I hung out for a while with the youngsters in our household.  

But the boys and I had our own little party.  
Jacob got a hold of the noisemaker that one of Sam's friends gave him for her school birthday. 
Luckily, he couldn't figure out how to make noise out of it. 

Nor could he really ruin it, as Chris already had done his darnedest and I'd reinforced it with tape.

So, Sam and I played with the baby, which made Prinny go nutsy, and we started a tickle fight, and it was Awesome.

Princess Pitface! 
Sam thought it was hysterical as I rolled my R's on Princess and talked in my snootiest voice for a dog who is far from snooty.  She was running around like a nut while we were playing on the floor which only made us laugh harder.

My sons are their most beautiful when they are laughing.  
But it's hard to capture a moving target. 

But that was my evening, laughing until my tummy hurt, and until Sam begged me to stop, and started up again.  I love those kinds of evenings, and I love these sweetboys even more.