Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another pretty frosty morn


Yesterday morning after dropping Sam off, I headed off on a grown up playdate with my seestor, and as I circled around back of the park, the sun started to really shine.  It was so shiny there was a beautiful bit of frost on the plants, they sparkled!
I guess I'm not as tired of winter as I thought if I can still find the beauty in it.

I've missed the sunshine.  
It was so bright it hurt my eyes.  

And it's warmth was so wonderful, I didn't mind having the windows down shooting pictures out the windows while I drive, at a balmy 32 degrees, it felt like a nice breeze. 

Eagle Creek Park is just so pretty. 

The twigs were sparkling, though it may be hard to tell. 

And sparkly amber waves of grain.  

Not too shabby for snapping pics while driving. 

OK, speaking of being old, old enough to find great joy in birdwatching and snowy days, my sister was doing some cleaning out, moving prep stuff, and she found a box full of goodies, awesome 80s.  So we made a deal, I got the records (see the Empire Strikes Back, which probably isn't going to even work since we ran it into the ground) and she got the Speak-n-Spell (WHICH I might add, Actually came on when she turned it on!)  Cool as heck.  Man, the 80s were a cool decade. Yes, I'm old.