Thursday, February 13, 2014

God Bless Teachers


I took the younger boys to the library today for Sam's Kindermusik class.  Jake power napped on the way, so he was in a pretty good mood while we were there.  I took him to the kiddie section, and put him on the floor to play.  How the whole place has changed since I used to go with Christopher!  I'd say Chris was close in age, well, maybe Chris was walking, so probably 1ish when I started taking him to the classes at the library, but he would have been physically about this size.  We went like every week, and had a great time!  

So Jacob is getting there too.  He was less than enthusiastic, but he played with some giant plastic lego-like blocks, and let me read half a board book to him before he tried to eat it.  It was rather nice to be in there, but I hadn't realized how much I miss it.  And his teachers, his first Miss Lisa was like part of the family until she moved, because we saw her All The Time.  They still have groovy programs, but I haven't participated in a couple years.  I suspect Jake and I may be gearing up to participate again next year when Chris AND Sam go to school all day. But Sam missed out on library time, he has gotten lots of Kindermusik time at the library, but very little library class time.   But he's had some wonderful teachers in his preschool.  

Once again, I confirmed I am Not Gifted to be a teacher. 
Valentine's Day preparations today.  
Sam and I worked on his valentines for his friends.  He insisted on using a green colored pencil, the teachers will be lucky if they can read his writing at all.  But he actually wrote out all the kids names and signed them...though about half of them got Sam instead of Samuel, because his hand started getting tired.  ;)

No, I am Not Gifted with the ability to Teach. 
Although I will say that Sam picked up on it faster than his brother, those first few years of doing valentines with Chris made me dread the process. Sam wasn't so bad, once he found his groove, he did pretty well.  Good thing it only comes around once a year though.  

God Bless Teachers.