Thursday, February 6, 2014

And any ceremonies in between


There's a reason, that they don't let me out very much.  I tend to get a little crazy.  At least I come by it honestly.  I hadn't been out of the house All Week until today.  It was Sam's first kindermusik class, and I had therapy and book club with my gals this evening.  I was so excited, I took off in my minivan a little early and was long gone before my husband realized I'd taken the only car that had a carseat for the baby....and he had the baby, and was supposed to take all three yahoos to Chris's piano lesson.  Oops.   Chris didn't make it to piano, but by gum, I ran my errand.

I'd been wanting all week to swing by this place called Babushka's Deli, a Russian deli I'd seen on the north side.  We've been plotting our Russian Themed Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies party, for a while, and I wanted to put on a Zakuski, a buffet of Russian Foods.  So I went into the Russian store...and it was soon apparent that imported food was going to exceed my very lean budget.  Once I crossed that border I didn't look back, I just kept saying OK, does this go with that? to the very nice deli man, who really reminded me of the "Piples is Piples" guy from Muppets take Manhattan.  I chose to believe him when he said, "Is Good."

I have meat, fish, cheese, bread, dumplings, booze, snacky and dessert things.  I think we just might be ok. 
I called Kathleen to confess I may have gone a bit berserk, and just told her, we'd be set for the Opening Cermonies...and the Closing Ceremonies...and any ceremonies in between.  But would you believe, of all things I forgot the Vodka - Oy?! I hope to do a little more shopping and prep tomorrow.  ;)

But this evening, I'm getting way too excited, for when I got home from Book Club to show Eric all my efforts, there were Olympics on tv already!  Slopestyling and Ice Skating and Moguls, Oh My!  
I've missed the winter olympics.  I suppose I could watch these sports all year around, but really I only watch them during the Olympics.  Hooray for the Olympics!