Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blue-green boys


The boys were home sick today.  Sam had the pukies at 4 am and again at 7.  Amazingly, he warned me enough both times that we were able to get him into the bathroom with minimal mess.  Chris refused his tacos last night (unheard of!), and woke up with rosy cheeks, a warm forehead and complaining of a tummy ache.  I thought it was going to be Ugly when I kept them both home.  However, that was it. That's all there was.

There was just a whole lot of tv and video games for "sick" boys.

This was how they spent their day, armed with bottles of gatorade.  The puke bucket is next to the couch...blessedly, no one had to use it.  But then they decided they needed their favorite colored blankets to match.   Green blanket obviously for Sam to match the pillows and gatorade, and blue for Chris.

Jacob tickled me in this photo as he was going for the empty red jug of gatorade, while wearing both green and blue.  Oh yes, he's totally the brother of these boys. 

Jake pulled himself up to the couch while the boys were playing video games.  He just stood there, sweetly, for about 10 minutes.  I couldn't believe it.  He thinks his brothers are Awesome. He couldn't take his eyes off them, or off the tv.  They were all pretty hypnotized.  Jacob shuffled a little bit back and forth during his stand, but never really took a full step.  But he's This Close to cruising.    

But not yet.  Today, he still goes Boom.