Monday, February 17, 2014

Semi-sort-of day off


Today has kind of been a bonus day off.  It wasn't intended to be.  It is President's Day.  And Sam had school and Chris did not.  So Daddy took Sam to school, and once Chris and I got dressed we moseyed over to Starbucks.  An ice storm was making it's way in, and though  I thought Chris and I might go downtown to the Indiana State Museum and have tea, he voted for Starbucks and video games at home instead.  Much more weather appropriate.  Don't I have a handsome date?!

So we went to Starbucks, chatted with our friend Sarah from church who works there, and then came home to play.  While we were playing, Sam's school called.  They wanted to close early for the ice storm.  So we went and snagged Sam.  The big boys played indoor recess for a couple minutes before we left. 

While they were playing, I got a call from Daddy, they were sending him home early to work from home for the rest too, because of the weather.  He got a nice commute in before the bad weather hit.  So then the boys and I went to Arby's for some lunch.  They have spy toys right now that the boys are really excited about.   And we came home and had an Olympics on the floor picnic.  The boys love to eat lunch on the floor in front of the tv sometimes.  And on this day off, we did.  Though Daddy did have to spend the rest of the afternoon working, that was a nice trade to be able to have lunch as a family.  Total bonus! 

And then the rain/ice/sleet/snow began to fall, and froze where it fell, and I was very glad we were all home safe and sound.  

I hadn't realized how worried I was about Eric and Sam not being home with the weather arrived, but having them both at home by lunch, I was happily relieved, then overcome with exhaustion, and had to nap.  
Luckily, Jake was happy to oblige.