Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day SOOC


Another month, another snow day.  We got 7 inches dumped on us last night.  I was thrilled they called a snow day.  I didn't feel like leaving the house at all.  Not sure I want to tomorrow either.  But today was a good break day, chock full of crazy, with cinnamon rolls, and video games, and I finally finished that last Christmas hat for myself...way to late to actually wear it.  And I got to take a few pictures, no time this evening to really mess with them, so I'll just toss them at you here, straight off the camera.

But the little ones have the most fun on snow days...and I don't just mean my sweetboys.  

We thought this squirrely squirrel was trying to make a break for the birdfeeder 

But he wasn't.  He was apparently digging at the base of the tree.  Trying to pull up a nut, we thought
Up. Down. Up. Down.  In and out of the snow as deep as he was tall. 

He popped up with his head all covered with snow.  
I hate squirrels, but watching this fellow really endeared him to me.  

Not Prinny though.  She wanted to go out and eat him up!

She's actually hysterical when she watches the squirrels.  
And a little beautiful. 

Then our squirrely squirrel grabbed something and went up the tree. 
Turns out he found a special treat.  They really do find the nuts left behind!  
Eric and I also loved the way he fluffed up there with his tail wrapped along his back to eat his treat.  
My favorite picture of the whole experience of squirrel watching. ;)  

Although watching Princess when she's trying to tree a squirrel is pretty funny too. 

Daddy had to work from home, and the boys didn't want to go out and play until just after supper anyway.  But as soon as they did, the went out and did some work.   
First they cleared off the birdfeeder.  Guess they're developing a love of seeing them snack through the winter too...just like Ma. :) 

Then they both cleared all the snow off the back stoop for Princess (and I).

Chris was Batman. 

And Sam was Spiderman. 

They were pretty sweet playing together outside.  

They played out there with Daddy for an hour!  
Turns out they were building a the backyard this time.  
Last month, it was a fort in the front yard, in fact, the carcass of it is still out there, because it hasn't been warm enough to melt all of it.  But the walls of the new one are taller now, because Daddy helped build.  

Too late at night by the time they finished their fort for hot cocoa, and too sugary, so we had some nice cups of hot tea to warm my sweetboy-sicles.  

I do so enjoy a nice snow day!
And so do the animals, err, I mean, my sweetboys.