Sunday, February 23, 2014

He's done


Eric let me play this afternoon/evening, and when I came home, this is what I came home to, a conked out baby and my husband finishing off the open pink moscato.  A sign of the day.  It was a busy one, church, and cleaning, and then some party playing.

My friend Amy recently began selling Thirty-one bags and Premier Jewelry (Let me know if you need either, I can hook you up!) and I wanted to show my support and hold a party.  So I did!  I had 10 people come.  And Eric was wonderful and took the boys to the Avon McDonald's with a Playplace (which is the boy's  Favorite thing) to play and have dinner while we had our party.  I meant to take pictures, but completely got distracted.  Then he came home, I nursed Jake, and Amy and I went out for Mexican for dinner alone in ab attempt at getting caught up.  I don't know, we would have spend days and days together and still not get fully caught up, but it was so good to have some Girl Time.  Quality Time.   Time to actually have conversations, and not be interrupted.  It was really nice.   There were snacks and talking, and wine in the middle of the day.  And I got some jewelry out of the deal too. ;) I'm exhausted, sore, but it was so good to see everybody; I hadn't seen some of these gals in a while, it makes it worth it.

I'm so Thankful my husband gave me the opportunity, I could tell he was pretty exhausted too, I really appreciate it. Thanks Eric!