Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam!

Happy Birthday Samuel Elijah!!

I can't believe my Baby is 4! How did this happen?  I mean, I know I've got another baby on the way and all, but Sam is my Baby, and I blinked, and Poof he's 4!   This year, on the actual date of his birth, our celebrations were let down a bit, because Sam got sick on Monday night.  He threw up in the late afternoon, and then in the middle of the night, he developed a fever.  He crawled into bed with me, and tossed and turned most of the night.  Chris wasn't 100% either, he had a cough, that had gotten a little crunchy.  So we cancelled the Birthday Party for Sam's school, and Sam's Chuck E. Cheese Birthday party until the boys are better.   It was definitely the Best decision for the boys.

Sam woke up a little after 8.  Now normally, he Bounds out of bed, to go get breakfast.  Here's how much he didn't feel well.  He just stayed there, and stared at us.  We were all telling him Happy Birthday, and he didn't really seem to care too much.

But Chris felt good enough to be really excited about Sam's birthday.  He scoped out the whole house for Sam, finding out where the presents were.  So Chris brought Sam's Pig Present to him, and Sam opened it up right there in bed.  He was pretty get it out of the box.  And once he realized his Hot Wheels toy was not conducive to being played with on the bed, well, Then he got out of bed.

Sam made it about halfway down the stairs, before Big Brother struck back with new presents to "help" Sam open.  But Sam said he was OK with Chris helping.  Actually, I think he was feeling so poorly, he welcomed the help opening presents.  This Transformer Rescue Bot - Chase made him so Happy.  And he didn't have to Open it at all.  

Then Chris brought out the blue present that he had picked out for Sam, and helped Sam open it.

It was Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.  The boys were both equally thrilled.  And Sam asked to have it put together right away.  

Sam couldn't move the last present, and Chris was having trouble lifting it.  It was a rather unruly box.  But Biggest Brother had no problem ripping into it.  It was a Transformer Rescue Bot Optimus Prime Firehouse.  

Sam was So Excited.  He came around and hugged me 3 times.  Then he asked Eric to get it out of the box. So he did, and Sam started really smiling for the first time all day.


When he got that Firehouse out and all put together, Sam was so excited.  :) 

It was so cute, the boys actually played together for a while.  Happily.  

The boys spent the day in their pajamas, a rather welcome treat.  Neither of them had had an all jammie day in a while.  Chris's cold didn't get any worse, and Sam started perking up after naps.  He told us for his Birthday Dinner, he wanted Cottage Cheese.   I figured he'd ask for Chick Fil-A or McDonald's.  We would have driven thru anywhere in town (or near town). But no, he wanted Cottage Cheese.  Cottage Cheese and Fruit Snacks!  I know it sounds weird. Those are his favorite foods, and for a boy with an iffy tummy on his birthday, cottage cheese and fruit snacks were his perfect idea of a birthday dinner.  So that's what he got! 

And even though it was very low key, it was still a Special Day.  We got to Celebrate Sam, we got to spoil him a little bit rotten, and just sit back and watch him play.  It was relaxing, which was good, since no one in the house had any kind of energy.  The healthiest one in the house is Princess the dog.  So a mellow day/week was just what we needed.