Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A Top Ten of this last weekends observances at what's going on around here, from a gal mostly on bedrest.  

10.  Chris and Janelle play outside.   Last week we got 4 inches of snow on Tuesday/Wednesday and by Friday, it was 50 degrees and almost gone.  In fact, it was so Pretty outside that afterschool, Chris and Janelle went outside to play.   Something I could not take Chris out to do.  I observed their swordfight from above.  

9. The Spare Area.   Last week Eric began moving "stuff" around in the basement.  We'd been slowly padding away at taking the spare bedroom stuff from upstairs, and moving it downstairs, and splitting the boys up into their own rooms.  So Sam is now in what was formerly the Butler bedroom, and Chris has his own room, and the spare stuff will become a little spare corner in the basement: bed, couch, and tv when we get it all hooked up.*

8. The Play Place. Upstairs the Playroom is due to become the Nursery.  :)   So Eric has been building a safe play space for the kids.  This weekend he bought carpet, then laid it out, then placed some things down here.  The white wardrobe is going to be for all the Costumes, which are currently in a pile on the floor in the corner of the playroom. Imagine having their own space! *

7.  Birdy Birdfeeder.  Eric put together and hung up my See Rock City birdfeeder that we picked up in October.  I watched and waited.   I sat in a chair by the back door and wondered why the birds didn't just come!  4 hours later, (I didn't stay there the whole time) I got this picture, of some little brown birds hopping about getting some seeds!  In this one, you can see one little birdie at the bottom of the pole.  

6.  Squirrel!  3 hours after that...during naptime....Eric saw this.   And Princess being the vicious protector, was sound asleep with me, and not protecting it for the birdies at all.  Not sure how the squirrel climbed up the pole, but he did it. 

5.  Vogue.  Sunday evening was still so nice outside that I told the boys to go for a walk.  Well, first they had to play a bit.  Mr. GQ  had to strike a pose for me.  

4.  Scootin'.  Chris rides his scooter up the sidewalk to give me a smooch, I was parked in a chair on the front porch.   I just love how he sticks his little tongue out when he's focusing on something...that's something my Dad and I do too. 

3.  Dueling Scooters.  Daddy gives Sam's scooter a test drive.   Silly Boyz. 

2.  Sam rides.  Sam rode his scooter for all 2 seconds and decided it was wiser to take the trike on their "walk".  

1.  Out for a "Walk".  My Sweetboyz going for a walk, on a lovely 50-something degree Sunday evening.  :)  

 I loved that our weather was nice enough. When you're inside for days and days at a time, Fresh Air takes on a new smell, like clean freedom.  I can smell it in the hair of people that come visit, or on my boys when they come home from school.  Me, sitting on the front porch with my camera was as close as I'd been to it in a while, because I only get out to go to the doctor, and the couple of those trips have been in the bitter wintery cold.   I'm missing out on Nice weather.   Hopefully, we'll ALL get out more this spring.  

* - Eric took these pictures, being kind enough to take my camera for me, so I wouldn't have to move.  


Elizabeth said...

Your basement looks amazing! Eric really got a lot moved around down there!

And I am so looking forward to some warmer weather too! :)