Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's Go Bulldogs!

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I'm a Butler Bulldog, and I bleed Blue and White.  I'm also a wee bit wacky when it comes to my superstitions during the NCAA tournament.  Every year during tournament time (well, since Butler made it to the NCAA) we go to our friends Mike and Kathleen's to watch the game.  We eat Queso and chips, and York Peppermint Pieces (because they are blue and white).  And if the team starts losing because someone stood up, or sat down, or stopped eating, then we Quick, change that behavior.  Yeah, we're a little nutty.  But it only is weird if it doesn't work. ;) 
Which lately, it does.  
So on Thursday, I was feeling historically good enough to drive.  My team was playing at 12:45.   So I drove to Kathleen's after Sam got out of preschool.  I had an afternoon appointment at the OB, and had to save my energy, so I relied on friends to get him in and out of the car, and we drove thru for lunch, and that drive was All I could handle there for a couple hours.  Blessedly, once I got there I could lounge on their couch for a while, and Just Chill.
Our friend Bohl took a long lunch, and met us to watch the game.  We're both Expecting, about 3 months apart, and both of us are having little baby bulldog boys.  So please excuse the Dueling Bellies picture.  I just can't resist.  

My friend Melissa got me this adorable onesie for Baby, and I took it with us.  After all, this game, was the closest we've gotten to going to a game all Season.  We usually try to make it to a game at Hinkle every year, but this year, with me on bedrest, it was just happening.  And during the regular season games, every time I turned on the TV, we'd start to lose, so I stopped watching, to not jinx the team.  You're Welcome. 
But we figured, the jinx was over for tournament play.  So I could go and watch. 

So I brought Baby's First Bulldog shirt with us, and put it as close to on him as it would get. 
And we won!

So, we made it to the next round, and on Saturday, Butler was playing at 7:45 pm.  Notoriously NOT my time.  Evenings stink for me.  And I haven't been able to travel very far.  But I wanted to try.  It would have been so depressing to watch the game at home alone.  And it might have jinxed us too.  Blessedly, my friends reserved a large cushy spot for me to take over their couch if I needed to, even inviting me to stay the night, in case I couldn't make the trip home.  So we packed up all our yahoos in their Butler garb, and went over to continue the good juju for Saturday's game.  

The boys were adorable in their Butler garb.  

Just like me, they firmly believe that Butler is the Only Team to root for.  

Chris and Emily became our Cheerleaders during commercial breaks.  
And I have to tell you, they were so much more entertaining than the halftime honeys we used to have back when we were in the Pep Band.  I'm not biased, our kids just Rock.  

But many things went wrong there at the end, and we just couldn't fix it.   And I didn't go into labor, or have terrible contractions from the stress of the game, and we made the trip back home safe and sound.  I did eat myself into discomfort though, because as long as I was stuffing chips and queso into my face, we were doing well.  But my belly has limited capacity, and I had trouble there at the end.  Whether it was because I wasn't eating enough queso, or Eric was left standing in the kitchen too long, or the collective gasps in the arena changed the air pressure enough so that the ball just wouldn't go into the basket, I don't know what it was.  We just lost. By 2 points.  Snarf.   Not all our happy juju could undo it.  But we gave it a good fight, just as we always do. Sorry.  

Back in my day, Butler was a little no name school no one had ever heard of, now we're not so much the Cinderella, Underdog story so much anymore, and we push the limits Every Year.    Our hearts are still like the little Engine that could.  And one day, we will prove it, all the way to the Top.  We don't just think we can, we Know we can.