Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pi Day

Back in my day, we never "celebrated" Pi Day.  3/14

What is up with that?  This year, tons of my friends on fb were cooking, making all kinds of pies, dividing into fractions, and all sorts of smart useful things.  It made me wish I had the strength to cook.   Heck even to think.  So I mentioned casually in passing to Eric, that after Karate class, maybe he could pick up a pie, of some sort for Pi Day.  Sweety that he is, he went buck wild.  He picked up chicken pot pies for me and the boys, a pizza pie for himself, and  an apple pie for dessert.  Maniac! 

Sam tried his very own pot pie, and liked it.  Well, liked it in comparison to Christopher, who wouldn't even try one bite.  Sam has eaten them before but never had his own.  He loved poking holes in it, and trying to find chicken.  But when he accidently got a real vegetable he was done.  Oh well, at least he tried (and kind of ate) something new.  

The other pies weren't too shabby either.  Next year, my goal shall be, to make our own pies!