Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little Egg Dying

Yesterday, the Fam came over for Easter.  Usually, the Saturday before Easter we go up to Marion for Willman Extended Family Easter, but this year we didn't.  This year they came to us, well, at least some of them did.  Mom and Dad Willman went a little crazy, and brought a whole ham dinner with all the trimmings.  We made Green Fluff, a throwback to the Marion days.  It was a really Yummy spread!    Mom also brought some Easter Baskets and eggs for the boys.  She and Karl hid eggs in the living room, and the boys went Buck Wild hunting for them.  

This is the first year Sam has kept up in the egg hunt with Big Brother.  

Mom also brought them a couple exercise shirts and candy, not too surprising.  
This was Christopher as he tried Pop Rocks.  I think they've had them before, but on cookies, this was straight Pop Rocks, and he loved them!  

After egg finding and easter basket raiding, the younger boys all played Jolly Octopus, a new game the boys love that Nana sent Sam for his birthday.  

After a little game play, Eric and his Mom set the boys up to dye eggs.  

Sam of course, was not inclined to do any color than Green.  
In case you didn't know Green is his favorite color. 

Christopher was really working his Artistic streak.   This year, only Chris and I ended up with blue fingers. ;) 

The boys were pros at dying eggs.  

Of course, they had a lot of great Help.  We couldn't have done it without them.  

We're Ready for Easter now!