Saturday, March 30, 2013

Worth a busy Good Friday

This day just snuck away from me.  That just seems to happen on busy days, and this was one of our busiest lately.  We got started first thing this morning...or rather second thing this morning.  I couldn't sleep from 4-6:30 am, when I finally fell back asleep, no one else in the house woke up until 8:45.  It was 9 before we got downstairs, and I realized there would be no time for breakfast.  We were behind the 8 ball for the rest of the day.  We got everyone dressed, and into the car, and opted to drive thru McDonald's on the way to Mom's.  She was kind enough to watch the 3 of us, Chris, Sam, and I, while Eric had a CT scan for his head this morning.  He didn't get to choose the time, he was told when to show up, at 10 in Avon.  And I knew bringing the boys into a doctor's office, with Me in charge was unwise.  So we went to Mom's.  Only once Eric got us settled then got there and got all his paperwork in order, they told him it was going to be an hour wait.  Not going to happen, we had to be in Carmel for an ultrasound at 11:45.  So back to Mom's he came, with a follow up appointment for 2:30.  Although not originally in the plan, Mom offered to watch the boys while Eric and I headed north.  For once we were actually the specified 10 minutes early for our appointment.  Not that it mattered, there was an hour wait there too. Boo.  Luckily, I'd had a huge breakfast at 9:30, and packed a giant gatorade.  
The tech that was sick and mean on Monday wasn't there, that made our visit much more pleasant. 

I mean, who can resist, This profile?! 

And his face, that little nose, elflike, the gal said.  We just thought he looks like his brothers.  

Gimme kiss baby!  

And a little smile from Mr. Mona Lisa.  

Once again he had a hand and a foot by his head, our little contortionist, love these little monkey toes.  Yeah, he's going to be just like his brothers all right! 

The best part was that he weighed in at an estimated 5 pounds, 12 ounces!  They are only estimating weight every 2 weeks, because it can fluctuate up to a half a pound in either direction, but still over 5 pounds already, that was Great News!  News I'll take.  His heartrate was great, but he didn't feel like moving as much as usual.  I don't blame him, I was feeling rather gross myself, had to actually roll over and lay on my side a bit at the end of the ultrasound, and started getting hot flashes again.  The tech went for some sort of Stimulator, that is supposed to vibrate on my belly to get him moving.  He wasn't really feeling like moving.  I guess it was as simple as that.  She used it, and he was totally and utterly unphased.  He did eventually do all the tricks that they want, but on his own time. 
 Little Trickster Indeed! 
My BP was a dash high, 130/100, typical to what I've been seeing at home on the new wrist blood pressure cuff Eric had gotten me, but not enough to worry the doc.  We kept the meds the same, and my urine was still clean.  She did order some bloodwork to check that All things were OK.  Haven't heard back, so we figure they are fine.  
Once we were out of the OBs, we called Mom to check in, thinking we would have enough time for lunch, we opted to go eat at the Panera by the Trader Joe's, thinking we could pick up some red 40 free items for a certain sweetboy for a holiday weekend.  The crowds in the parking lot were insane, so we Trader Joes' first.  Apparently, Good Friday is a Good Day to go to the doctor and the store, because everyone was out on the roads.  We got the Very Last box of Jelly Beans in the place.   And the lines to checkout were so long, we realized we weren't going to have any time to go sit for lunch, before Eric's naptime CT scan. So we bought a box of peanut butter granola bars while we were in line, and ate them in the car on the way to the CT place.  Mom held on to the boys, and Eric did not drop me off, our plan was for all of us to go home and rest.  Nope.  We ate granola bars for lunch in the car.  And I learned the ride from Carmel to Avon is just a bit more than I can handle.  Mom's to Carmel I could handle, but not all the drive back.  I did OK in the place, since it was just me, Eric parked me with a magazine and got his test.  He has a follow up next week.  We snagged the kids and didn't get home until almost 4.  And I was so done when we got home, that I was the only one that napped.  And I've spent the rest of the night on the couch, because my ankles were so swollen by the end of the day, that the swelling is literally overlapping my heels.  So gross, and absolutely exhausting.  But at least the Baby is still OK, and looks like he's going to keep baking a little more.  Time to celebrate Easter weekend at our house!