Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I was reading earlier today about how St. Patrick's day has become this overblown holiday...with leprechauns leaving surprises like green water in the toilet, and kids making leprechaun traps, and all kinds of whatnot, the author was saying, Back in My day we just wore green.  And he was preaching on how many of those who Celebrate, aren't even Irish.  
Well, we are!  My Dad was adopted out of Dublin, Ireland.  It doesn't get more Irish than that!  He's the leprechauniest of us all! So for those of us who are Irish, we wear our Green proudly, and though I don't have any leprechauns that leave surprises, I have these little Leprechauns to bring me Joy on St. Patrick's Day! 

To celebrate, Eric made green homemade shamrock biscuits. With sausage gravy (not green) for the grownups. The boys were having a great time eating green food.  Green is Sam's favorite color, but Chris just loves to celebrate any and all holidays! 

We found some adorable matching shirts for the boys.  We were thinking for Easter, but they decided that they needed to be worn to church today because they are Green.  Hard to disagree with that.  

And they looked so darn cute in them.  They were hugging and being sweet and cheesy for me.  

I love it best when they Love Eachother. 

Before they headed off to church, Sam asked me (as he does so often now) if I wanted some Gatorade.  Yes.  Mommy always needs gatorade lately.  And Sam can tell just by looking at me, if I'm tired, swirly, winded, if I need some. They've been taking such good care of me. After church, they brought me lunch, including a nice Shamrock shake from McDonald's, and we settled down for an afternoon nap, and lots of smoochies and snuggles.  My boys are so Good to me.

But first, since I was still parked on the floor with my camera, they wanted to take a picture with the Green Gatorade.  It's almost like it's me in the picture with them.  

My Wild Irish Boys!