Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Alleluia!  Jesus is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed! 

Happy Easter from all of us! 
We hope you all had a Wonderful holiday like we did, Blessed to spend the day with our Family.  

As you can imagine, the boys really got into all the Easter holiday traditions this year.  They were both excited to wear their new dress up shirts, and couldn't wait to see where the Bunny hid eggs for them.  

This was the first year that Sam was really into it, he was quite good at finding eggs.  

Chris didn't stop moving though, he still found More Eggs, as he would proudly tell you...

But they both had a ton of fun finding them.  

Handsome boys digging into an egg or two while we wait for breakfast.  
Daddy made his holiday specialty: honey flakey biscuit egg and cheese sandwiches.  
I don't know why we love them so much, we just do.  

Love these little yahoos too.  

I had to take them outside for a little Easter photo shoot, even though I didn't have a lot of energy.  
Lucky for me, my boys are so handsome, it's hard for me to take a bad picture of them.  

Simply Dreamy. 

And who can resist all my Boyz!?!  They are mighty Dreamy too! 

Then we used the chair I was sitting on to set up the camera to take some family pictures of all 4 7/8 of us.  

  They turned out OK, but I hate looking at my ankles.  I feel like this weekend, I just Ballooned.  My ankles just won't calm down, I can't find my anklebones, and by the time we were done with getting dressed, eating, and pictures, I had to lay down.  Typical for Sunday mornings, but disappointing.  I do so love to go Worship with my church family, and Easter is one of my favorite Faith Celebrations.  It's the cornerstone of our faith, that Jesus rose.  It's the Reason for the Season, the Reason for the Party!  And I felt crummy that I was missing out on the party.

Blessedly, my Dad brought the Party to us.  He and my Stepmom brought a full dinner to our house, turkey pie (my fav) with ALL the trimmings.  And Easter baskets for the boys.  They couldn't wait to open all the goodies.  One of the goodies they really were excited about was Sam's birthday present.  Since Sam had been sick on his birthday, Oma and Opa carried the holiday over, and brought Sam his own basketball goal!   True Hoosiers! 

Both boys got a big kick out of playing basketball, and the black cake that went along with it. ;) 

It was an Eggs-hausting and Wonderful day.  So great to see the family this weekend, and have the Easter celebrations brought to us.  Everybody left us the leftovers so we'll be eating well all week.  As high as my BP has been all day, and I can't find my ankles, I don't really mind, because I got to spend time with my family, and that's simply I wanted most out of this holiday weekend.  The holiday weekend may have been a bit downplayed and mild compared to past years, we didn't participate in the church services, barely attended, but the boys had a wonderful time, and we're all happy, and mostly healthy.  We have Plenty to be Thankful for.  Hope you all enjoyed your Easter Celebrations too!