Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sweet Baby Boy

This week we've Upgraded.  Upgraded to going in Twice a week.  Twice a week we drive up to Carmel to be seen, do an ultrasound, biophysical profile, and make sure Baby and I are doing OK.    My BP was a little funky when we went in on Tuesday, for me of late anyway, it was 95/70, which is not bad, but as my doctor says, that's WHY we're watching, still a little low.  And I've been feeling pretty swirly.  We upped the meds last week, going from 200 mg 2x a day, to 300 mg 2x a day.  And now I think it's bringing it too low, because I'm feeling Swirly.  I thought the 600 wasn't working.  So I discussed it with my doctor, and we decided to bring me down to 500.  I was worried I might be too high that way, but she said, better to be a little high then low.    

And we checked the baby, who, as always, was doing wonderfully.  They counted his breath movements (who knew that was a thing?!), made sure all his limbs were moving, counted the amount of liquid space available, it was wild.  

And he was Cute.  Even the tech commented on how Good a baby he was.  

I loved that, he's such a good baby and he's not even here yet.  

They got some pretty neat pictures for us, his cheeks are starting to fill out.  

He looks so much like his brothers.  First, he looks like Sam, then in another angle, he looks just like Chris.  
This is the Product we make.  

On Thursday we went back in, our visit wasn't quite as wonderful.  We were arriving (with Sam) in the parking lot, when we got a call, that they were running At Least an hour behind for ultrasounds.   I blew up.  I lost it.  It was bad enough our appointment was at 3:30, Clearly we didn't have much choice on that.  They said they didn't have anyone in on Friday, and it was Thursday or Thursday.  Those are the 1 day Eric's supposed to work - so they can include him in meetings.  He had a 9, 11, 1 oclock meeting, and I had to kidnap him to have him in Carmel by 3:30.  Oh yeah, we were peeved.  Sitting there parked in the parking lot, convinced the baby was fine, we almost left.  Graciously (and obviously accustomed to dealing with crazy, nap-deprived pregnant women) the staff offered to give me a non-stress test instead of the ultrasound, so we did.  We were already all the way up there.  And Sam and I were being deprived of our afternoon naps, we might as well make use of it.  So we did.  
We went in and they hooked me up to the machine.  My BP was OK, like 130/90, I think, nothing terrible. It's a lot easier to find him in my uterus now, and we listened to his heartbeat, and watched him on the monitor.  They gave me a little clicker with a button to push every time I felt him move.  To sum up an awesome half an hour, he boxed me 57 times in 30 minutes.  He's a Maniac!    And Sam thought it was hysterical every time I pushed the button.  He was doing fine.  And a doctor popped in, and we talked about if we need to tweak my meds, but my pee was still clear and she thought my BP was not anything to worry about.  I'm glad, because I was actually having a pretty decent week, I had felt good enough to drive.  TWICE!  On Tuesday night, I felt good enough to drive myself to Freezer Cooking Night, and on Thursday, I drove myself (and had help picking up Sam) to Kathleen's to watch the Bulter game.  Check me out, finally feeling good enough to get out of the house.  Gotta make hay while the sun shines.  Gotta get out while I feel good, because there are still plenty of icky days, so we need to take advantage of the good ones.  And luckily, this week was full of good ones. 

Most importantly, the Baby was doing well.  All is Well.