Friday, August 24, 2012

Smiling in the Sun


  Sunflower and Cosmos. We went to visit our friend Sara from church this week.  Her middle child, Iris, is Sam's age, and they have started to get along swimmingly of late.  Her eldest just started Kindergarten, but he and Chris are becoming friends too.  This was our first visit to their home, and it was simply lovely.  She had these flowers greeting as you came up the walk, such happy smiley flowers. 

Turns out these guys are south american cousins of marigolds.  Wonder if bunnies avoid them too...Sara sent me home with some seeds, maybe I'll plant them next spring out by my garden. Hmm....

They also had Fish.  Oh man, Sam was dyin'.  Sara let Sam feed the fish.  He did a great job, didn't overfeed, and he was so excited, he ran off crazy before the job was done.  Maybe we need fish...

Really cool.  But hard to take pictures of, these little guys move really fast. 

Meanwhile, a funny story, not funny ha ha, but unusual funny.  I had a lump show up on my breast this week.  Don't worry, not that kind of lump.  It was like a plugged duct, only I'm not nursing, and it's not really painful, but it wasn't normal.  Little tender maybe, but not painful.  Frankly it kind of pissed me off, anything girly and discomforting really pisses me off that I'm very not pregnant right now.  Weird issues with boobs are a lot easier to take when I was pregnant and nursing.  But I haven't nursed in 2 years, how sad is that, and so this was just plain not normal, and rather uncool.  But as my every wise sister said, "Not Normal is Not Normal."  I may quote that one, often.  So I had put a call in to my doctor, and when she finally called back, I was on my playdate, and the doctor was a little concerned, wanted me to come in immediately.  Guess I should be glad they don't mess around with lumps on boobs. Sara offered to watch Sam while I went.  Turns out it's most likely just a subaceous cyst.  It may be infected, but not bad, she gave me scripts to fill if it gets worse and sent me on my way.  It hasn't gotten any worse, or painful, it's just weird.

By the time I got back to Sara's, the yahoos were all outside playing, having a wonderful time, "watering the garden".  It was too late to make it to gymnastics class, so we just chilled some more.  Sara gushed about how wonderful Sam was, how well he and Iris got along.  It was one of those beautiful end of summer, perfect days.  Warm, and lovely, and having a friend who understands how miraculous and wonderful my boys are was icing on the cake. 

 I loved this pic I got of Iris, so I played around with it a bit.  Her platinum blonde hair is something I've never had to deal with photographing.  Gonna have to practice on her some more, she's so adorable, that should be easy.  

But she was a bit of a hose hog, not really too inclined to share.  So Sam gave up waiting, and moved on.  

And he found other fun things to occupy his time.  

Funny thing, even in moving on, they didn't fight, both were just mellow enough to simply move on.   I love how mellow Sam is.  As I spend most of my days with him while Chris is in school it becomes more and more clear how different they are.  Sam is content to play alone, or just do a little drive by snuggling (my favorite). He's very vocal in his affections, he'll come over say something sweet, and he usually beats me to saying I Love You.  And he's a good judge of character.  He's so much like me in personality, if he gets mad, give him a minute, he'll chill.  If he doesn't chill quickly, then feed him or put him to bed.  Chris is a little tougher.  But somehow God knows exactly what kind of child I need, or can handle raising, and He doesn't give me more than that.  When Chris was born, Pastor said that Christopher was the Perfect baby to be born into this family, even with his issues, he was the Perfect fit.  And he was, has been.  Folks have said they couldn't handle the issues, or how amazed they are that I handle it.  I'm not perfect, I don't handle it all without Help.  But I am Blessed to have family and friends who help out.  We didn't know any differently, and Chris is easy to love, people that fear the issues, don't bother getting to know him or us, miss out on all the perks.  They don't get Magic Hugs. 

I am so Blessed by my boys.   I love being able to share that Blessing, especially when they 'Get It'.