Friday, August 17, 2012

Lino's Again


When I went to Lino's for the first time, the manager who answered my questions said it was the closest thing to eating in an Italian Cafe without hopping on a plane.  Yes.  Yes it is.

Not that I've ever been to Italy, but I introduced another friend to the place yesterday, we both found ourselves with the littles in school, and we had earned a nice break.  She found it quite the Oasis, just like me.

 My Almond Caffelatte

My latte and breakfast croissant with parma ham, egg, and parmesan.  (Breakfast sandwiches are a recent addition, apparently Italians don't eat breakfast sandwiches, so they whipped them up just for us crazy americans.) 

Isn't this just heavenly?  

Picture it, a slight breeze, a 70 degree day, small town Indiana (well, Speedway is a very small town like within a big city) sitting outside in the morning, having sweet treats while chatting with a friend.  If this is what it's like in Italy, when are we going? 


Unknown said...

I sooo want to go. I love the header picture.