Friday, August 24, 2012

You know, for kids


This is Christopher with his froyo from Orange Leaf.  Tuesday night, his school hosted a Family Night Fundraser at Orange Leaf, our frozen yogurt place around the corner.  Well, Sam didn't eat, and the PSG (PTO/Parent Support Group) had a meeting. So I made a deal with Chris, if he could behave during the meeting, I would take him on a one on one date to Family Night at Orange Leaf.  His school was to receive 10% of all the day's sales. How could I resist?  
I couldn't.  
AND Christopher was really good during our meeting.  The only time he got upset was when we were all going around introducing ourselves, he got upset because I didn't let him introduce himself!  Luckily, there was one other kid there (a 3rd grader) and she had not introduced herself either, or else it would have gotten quite ugly.  
So Chris and I stopped for Orange Leaf on our way home, he really enjoys going on these little dates with me.  Today was his MVP day (show and tell) and he took, amongst other things, an Orange Leaf spoon to tell of his great love of Orange Leaf.   He may be my child after all. It was a bit crowded inside so we brought our goodies home.  Of course, neither of us could eat all of our yogurts.  So we put them in the freezer after just a few bites.  
Though his reason was different from mine.  He simply ate all his dinner and was full.  But I only ate 3 bites because I was determined to go for a run in the evening.  Kathleen and I have been kicking up our C25K training.  We want to get healthy.  And I want to be able to run the Ovarian Cancer 5K at the end of September, really run the whole thing (fingers crossed).  Tuesday night, we were determined to start Week 4, day 1 - 3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 min run, 2 1/2 walk.  Oy.  Officially more running than walking.  The previous week, the 3 minute runs had been kind of kicking my butt.  When I tried running too soon after eating, I got crampy and queasy.  No good came of that.  So I was determined to not make myself sick on froyo.  

And I am proud to say, I didn't.  

Getting healthy is as much for my kids as going to buy yogurt to support them in school.  I really want to get healthy.  Already I've been noticing small changes, in just being consistant about exercising 3x a week.  I had to strip, wash, and remake Sam's bed the other day.  And it didn't kill me, make me wheeze, or pull muscles for me to do so.  I'm making progress, and a little proud of myself.  Kathleen and I fully intended to take a gross sweaty picture of each other, but it was so late, we totally forgot.  So what, so I forget the picture, at least I'm remembering to get out and exercise. I fondly remember my trainer/friend Karin saying last year, you've got to sweat once a day.  I'm getting there Karin!