Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Perfect Weather Sort of Day


I'm sure I sound like Winnie the Pooh with a title like that.  But it really was a Perfect weather sort of day.  Eric and I kept popping out to the porch, to just sit, and enjoy the temps in the 70s, bright blue sky, and a lovely breeze.  And we didn't have Anything on the schedule.  Amazing how relaxing just hanging out at home can be.  First it was a laid back morning, when Eric went for a run, and I worked on picture organization, and the boys happily watched cartoons.  They had breakfast, but it was 10:30 before Eric and I did.  So then we all piled outside to do yard work.  Even the boys!

While I was weeding a couple bags of weeds (a bit more than I should have, but I couldn't resist in this weather), the boys were in the back putting sticks in the pile.  Daddy was trying to cue them where the sticks were so that they could get them on the pile, clear the yard, so he could mow them.  But honestly, the boys weren't very helpful.  

The boys gave up helping Daddy and ran and got stuff to play Bubbles!

Even Sam was practicing blowing bubbles.  He even blew a few too.  Impressive! 

I just love this one. 

Bubble Blowing Brothers.  

Chris thought it was hysterical when he'd squeeze his bottle a bit, and get a bubble, looked a bit like deodorant to me.

Daddy finished the weeding with his "helpers".  Sam did put the bubbles down to help put weeds in a bag for a few minutes.  But really Daddy did most of  the work.  

I mean, check that out:  Flowers and Clean cut yard, he weeded, and mowed, and it looks great out there! 

Eric grilled out cheeseburgers and fresh corn on the cob for dinner, it was a great night for a cookout.  After supper we Porched while the boys played in the front yard.  First they played a friendly game of golf.  They were trying to hit the Redwood tree.  

When they were over that, they put their clubs in the "trunk" of the purple car.  That's just hysterical to me.  

Then they drove around the driveway a couple times, "going home".  Sam loves to ride in that car with his big brother. At one point, I hear Chris pumping up Sam as they prepared to play another game
Chris: "Are you tough?"  Yeah! "Are you Strong?"  Yeah!  "Are you going to do everything I say?"  Yeah!  

Then they donned their gloves and went digging in the what's left of the garden.  Daisies mostly. 

We did a garden walk, and discovered the hostas were blooming.  These hostas came from a friend of mine this spring, I was very happy to see they were happy enough to bloom too.  It's been such a dry summer, I was worried they wouldn't bloom.  But on the north side of the house, they don't get any direct sunlight. 

Chris broke out the kickball, and asked us if we would play "Kickingball"?  Yes, I got on the bandwagon and kicked the ball around with him a bit. He said, "Bring it on Mommy!"  Oh yes, I brought it, kicked it right between his knees, and into our neighbors yard.  :) Another one almost went into the street.  But Chris kept getting Good Saves.  He did great, and had a wonderful time.  Our front yard is really great for that. 

Daddy even got in on the game!  

Bring it on Daddy! 

We stayed outside until the bugs came out to chew on us a bit, that was our sign it was bedtime.  

Maybe you can see the bats?  
I was able to capture some wee snippets of video of our neighborhood bats. But they are tiny and fast and hard to see.  Good Luck.  

It was a Beautiful day to enjoy our newish neighborhood.  :)