Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just Another Silly Sunday


How is it we can be so busy doing "nothing"?
In in the same day I got to see All My Nieces, in once day, first at church at the VBS Closing, then to celebrate Annie's birthday with my Dad who was in Alaska until last week.  The kids had gotten a big kick out of their postcared, and couldn't wait to ask Opa if he'd wrestled any bears while he was there.  No, no he hadn't.

VBS for the boys ended Sunday morning.

They enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and I think I've gotten to see my elder nieces more in the last three days than all summer long, always a great thing.  They are growing up way too quickly, really becoming mature young ladies, and I don't like it.  I'm not ready for my sweeties to all grow up.

Where are my sweeties?  There they are!  

Sam was not quite in the mood to line up and do actions to the songs.  Especially when there were people willing to hold him and love on him. 

A wonderful VBS.  

After a wild morning, we came home and took much needed naps.  Then it was off to Oma and Opa's for a belated birthday celebration for Annie.  Now we had celebrated here, but we hadn't gotten the chance to celebrate with my Dad's side of the family.  As usual my stepmom put up an amazing spread, and since Annie is sensitive to icing from cakes, she made Annie a special Fruit Pizza!  

I just love this pic of Chuckles, when she's tired she twirls her hair (like Aunt Debbie) and sucks her thumb, just like Lisa.  


That is a happy girl wearing fruit pizza. 

Annie and her haul (and Charlie) who was very interested in helping.  

Annie was pretty excited about her first Atlas, little map reader should fit right in with our family! (Just like Opa and Aunt Cathy).  

Ooooh!  Cousin Suzy got her an Awesome Backpack for traveling and school (which she'll likely start after they get to Texas).   Big bag for a big girl! 

As soon as Annie's back was turned, Charlie grabbed the backpack and put it on her.  Oh she was so proud of herself.  Doin' a little happy danc.  

Mommy helps Annie load it up with a few of her new books and put it on.  

It has become a trend that after a wonderful dinner with Daddy and MB, is always followed by an equally scrumptious dessert.  These wonderous sweets get the kids all crazy, so they Need to go outside and run it off.  Their new favorite game is to run around their house, in circles, like a race.  They love it, wear themselves out, and have a great time.  Here Chris was winnning.  Sweetboy Cheese. 

And no trip to my father's is complete with a picture of flowers.  My stepmom has a beautiful garden.   When we were there on Sunday the gladiolas were in bloom.  I loved this one.