Friday, August 24, 2012

The Kidnapping


Yesterday, was a great day.  I got a massage, therapy, and I kidnapped my family.  Lisa had some stuff for me, and she was going to bring it down with James and the girls.  We hadn't seen them since James arrived at the airport.  Going from seeing my nieces to multiple times a week to nada was rough, but I suppose I'm going to have to wean myself eventually, as they are moving to Texas next week.  Aye Carumba!

Anyway, I had been wanting to get James over to The Tamale Place.   James knows Mexican food, and I have said this is the best we've got in town.  We had discussed it when he was abroad, so I wanted to prove that Hoosiers can make a tamale.  Oh yes they can.  And they agreed to go since they were going to be on this side of town.  Hooray!

Plus it's just around the corner (sort of) from Eric's work, so he could meet us...for a slightly long lunch.  I was going to pick up Sam from preschool, and we'd all caravan over.  Only, it was gnawing at me to leave Chris behind.  This was probably the only time he'd get to see them until Spring Break.  I called up the school and told them I was going to come and kidnap my child for lunch.  So I did.  I did play the My Brother-in-law just got home from Afghanistan card.  I triple dog dare them to give me any flack.  They didn't.  Actually, they thought it was wonderful that we were going to be able to see him for lunch.  Really, I'd rather kidnap him (and deal with the freak out because I parted him from his girlfriend's side) and miss a little school, than let him go without family time.  Frankly, family time trumps all.

We snagged our family members, and all met up at the Tamale Place.

But it was Crazy in there.  True we add a certain degree of crazy wherever we go, ok multiply it exponentially, but whatever, it was too noisy and crowded, so we left and went to the park.   There we set up our tamale spread, everybody trying everybody else's.  It was Good.  The tamales were Good.  The Company was Good.  

Even the kids were pretty good.  

So after lunch we let them go play on the playground.   My boys wanted to Swing.  They kept saying how they are Great Swingers.  And we had to giggle.  But they had a wonderful time Swinging with Uncle James. This was Definitely Sam's favorite way to Swing!

Too much fun!  Chris was thrilled to show Uncle James how high he can swing now, he's only been doing it by himself for about 2 weeks.  

But he can get some height!  I am so Proud of him!  

Even Chuckles was having a great time on the swings.  

Annie wasn't too interested in swinging, she wanted to become a human spider and climb the web.  This girl has no fear.  I was impressed, a little terrified for her, but mostly impressed.  Tough like her Daddy!

Christopher needed to join Annie up there too!  

At first Chris got up there and was afraid to get down, but once he started working it out, he got down just fine, then he was UpAgainDownAgain Finnigan.  Frankly, getting him to conquer this fear was worth pulling him out of school alone.  Talk about Play Therapy! 

That's a lot of Crazy Climbers.  Look how high that thing is!  You'll not get me up there.  But Uncle James is just that kind of Crazy.  And he even brought Chuckles up there.  

Queen of the Mountain.  

I love this picture because it was about the only time all 4 kids played on the same piece of equipment at the same time.  And they lined up in chronological birth order.  Pretty impressive. 

It was pretty hot out, but the Daddies didn't mind playing with the kids, they even spun around on these crazy self-propelling seats.  Eric things if they put a weight on those chairs, they'll just spin indefinitely, (I didn't try it), maybe we could harness the energy somehow.  Better than solar power!  

Well, the sun was sure shining on us.  It was downright Hot.  The kids got good and exhausted, hot and sweaty, and had an Absolutely Wonderful time.  

Cutie Cousins! 

Gonna miss this.  Really a lot.