Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Last


It rained a few times this week, but it got really warm and humid on Wednesday evening, so we suggested the boys have a nice evening swim.  They had a great time.  And I got this pic of them being sweet swimming together.

Good thing I did too, because Thursday and Friday, we got a quite reasonable amount of rain.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the rain.  We've been without it too long, and even in fairly scary thunderstorm mode (which kept the dog and I and a child or two awake) I'm happy it came.  Thursday night's rainstorms blew the top off the pool, and blew a ton of dead leaves and all the powdery dirt that coats the bottom of the pool along with them, into it.  The pool was bordering grimy anyway, but we didn't want to empty and clean it out, because we hadn't had rain in so long, the town was on a water ban.  Meaning: if we empty the pool, we couldn't fill it up again.  So we just held off as long as we could.  Yesterday afternoon when I went out to skim and put the lid back on,  but the dead leaves, I made the executive decision to pull the plug.

This was our last swim of the season. I haven't told the kids yet, but I suspect they'll figure it out soon, as Eric is going out right now to clean out the pool and pack it up.  Ah, the end of summer.   I have keep kind of enjoying seeing the water table with water in it that God provided, even if it is a little leafy and green.  On the up side, at least the weather isn't as disgusting hot as it has been, so maybe we won't need as much wet watery time.  Maybe, we'll be content to just play outside just plain.