Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainy Morning


One of my favorite times of the day is when Christopher and I are sitting on the porch waiting for the bus to come.  I love it most because it's Quiet.  But also because he's usually in a good mood, happy about getting to school.  And if we're out there it means we're ready too, not screaming and yelling (still inside) because we're running late, so we can just sit down and enjoy the weather and each other.  My sister calls it porching when we just sit there and talk and watch the wind blow, or a rain storm roll in.  I used to think my Mom was weird when she'd go out and watch a vicious rain storm roll in, now I watch too.  Maybe it's because I have such precious cargo inside that I make sure we're all safe.  And our new house porch is really good for porching, and being giant and made of bricks, I'm feeling a lot more safe inside when the whole house doesn't rattle with the wind.  Handy that.

Thursday it was raining, so he had to suit up in his rain gear to wait for the bus.

He's awful sweet, ready to go like that. 

And in spite of the dog and some children not sleeping very well, we're enjoying the rain.  Nothing to complain about.