Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bless the ipad


Sam took it easy today.  Last night he woke up from naps, and he wasn't hungry.  I know, it's weird, right?  Sam is my child, if he's "not hungry" there's something wrong.  He was a little warm, not full feverish, and his face looked a little swollen.  I thought it was a sinus infection.  So I ran him into Dr. Cooper today, and he surprised me with the diagnosis that Sam has Strep.  Poor baby.  Luckily, I think we caught it on the starting end, his throat was red, but he wasn't complaining, he just wanted to drink a lot.  He only wanted fruit in various forms: juice, fruit snacks, dried fruit, applesauce.  That's  pretty much all he ate today.  But he wasn't miserable, he was happy as a little clam playing Mommy's ipad.  I guess it's a Blessing in disguise having this thing, the games challenge him and keep him happy, even when he's feeling so crummy.  I'm loading it up with goodies for the girls and our all girl plane trip this weekend.  I suspect the boys are going to miss the ipad more than they'll miss me.