Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Go West, Young Wests


My sister is moving to Texas.  For Real.  It's real now.  James left with the truck this morning. There was a truck, with stuff in it.  Sunday, they brought the truck down to my Dad's house, and invited us down to lunch and say goodbye.  So we went.  

And when I saw the truck it got real.  

As usual my stepmom put up a Fabulous spread, filling us with such goodness, it was hard to turn away, even though we were hosting our own cookout later.  She and my Dad had gone to Alaska at the end of July, and though we saw them, they had some goodies for the boys.  My Dad was showing his book of photos, they had met Santa in North Pole, Alaska.  They reported to Santa that Chris and Sam were being very good this year.  And overall, yes, I can confirm that is true.  

The kids got to play together for a while.  

And climb all over Opa for a while.  It's hard to get 4 yahoos 6 and under to look at the camera at the same time, so I have started playing Simon Says with them.  Simon says lift your hands up.  Simon says put them down.  
At least it keeps Sam from picking his nose for about 2 seconds, but it doesn't make them look/smile for the camera any better.

Aren't they sweet?! 

Although trying to get them all to smile together, at the camera is like trying to get cats to... do anything.

Mommy says, Arms Up! 

They are so Cheesey by Oma's flowers.  

This one was taken by my Dad, whenever we get together, we have to take a mass photo.  Lisa and I expect it, and though they rarely turn out great, I find these mass photos comforting when I look back on days gone by.  I'm sure we'll all remember how hot it was standing by,  waiting for all the various hiding family members to line up, all of us trying to stay in the shade of the truck.  Ah yes, I remember it well. 

It's not exactly West for the Wests, but West by Southwest, and far away.