Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doh, Ray, and Egon


Lisa and the girls came over and spent the night last Sunday.  After Annie's party at my Dad's, we figured it would be easy enough for her to just follow us home and crash at our place.  Chris did a great job going to bed, and waking up for school.  After Chris goes off to school, we have an odd trilogy of Sam and the girls.  At first, Sam and the girls slept in, leaving time for us to have coffee.  On my list of errands for the day was to go to Hobby Lobby and return some leftovers from our Olympics party, and when I mentioned that to Lisa, she got a wild hair to send the yahoos over to Kidz Depot.

Doh, Ray, and Egon line up at the door.  Line Up Everybody, Line Up, Line Up.... 
Apparently, I say this so often to get the boys shod and standing by the door, that now the girls (and Aunt Lisa) do it now too.  FYI, here's the Bubble Guppies video where it's from.  

So, Lisa and I hit Hobby Lobby to return things, which gave me enough money (shopping hunger no doubt) to want lunch.   So I took Lisa to my favorite Thai place, Thai Lanna.  Their food is wonderful, and they keep me hydrated, no small task, and did I mention, their food is Wonderful?! 

Here's Doh, Ray, and Egon lined up again to go home from Kidz Depot.  They love the place, it's a little pricey, so I don't splurge for it very often, but when we do, the kids love it.  They get exhausted, and they nap pretty well. :)  Lisa was kind enough to splurge for it this week, so we could play.  And when the kids are good, they get lollipops when it's time to go home.  As you can see, they were pretty good this week.  

They were even pretty good when we got home.  So good that we went ahead and had two slumber parties in a row.  Chris was bummed when everyone left before he got up in the morning, he was Thrilled they were still here when he got home from school.  We kept them overnight again, Lisa cooked This Dish from Giada out of stuff we had in the house, and it was All Good.  

Yeah, I know, we've got some good good kids!