Monday, August 20, 2012

Blessed by Good Teachers


Yesterday, we went to the fam's church for a farewell to the nursery school, and a retirement party for Mrs. D. who was the director of the preschool for 23 years.  The St. Andrews Nursery school was in operation for 50 years up until this past fall.  Going to this event was really hard on me.  A large part of me really wanted to yell, Why did you close?!   What about Sam?!  

I love Mrs. D. She had good reasons to retire, you can't do this forever, but she was really good at it.  Called by God. And I love her for it, though I probably never said so.  But it's hard not to love someone who loves your son.  And from the beginning she welcomed, accepted, and treasured Christopher.  She'd had a preemie too (who turned out perfectly fine) but she often told me, these kids have to be strong willed, to go through all they've been through.  That was Christopher to a tee, and she Got him, and she made preschool fun and easy for him.  He learned the same stuff as everybody else, and I don't think I ever heard her yell.  She just loved my boys.  We were sitting behind her at church, and the service went a little long, reaching the limits of my boys' tolerance, she leaned back and asked if the Chris would come sit with her.  I would have let them gladly, but Chris was done.  He ended up on her lap after the service.  Yeah, she got him. 

During the church service, they asked for any 'kids' who attended the nursery school that were in the congregation to come up for Children Sermon.  I don't usually take pictures during church, but there was just something beautiful about this to me.  
Mrs. D gave one last lesson, which made me cry, (big surprise) to her "kids" about how God gives teachers love, and they share it, pass it on, even when it's hard.  It was beautiful.  I know that just my boy was one of those hard students, but he was easy to love.  He's always been easy to love.  And I loved that she got it.  I so wish I could've sent all my children there forever more.  

Look at all those Willmans who attended St. Andrew's for Preschool.  (Well, not technically Sam, but it was also Children's sermon time, can't keep him away.) 

They had a photo session with all the students that had Mrs. D.  From the oldest to the youngest.  Can you spot Eric and Christopher?  Kaylee, Alexis, Ryan. It was so wonderful to see our family there.

All the "kids" entered the fellowship hall, leading Mrs.  D to the head table.    This church, this school, they helped start my loved ones to be wonderful students.  I miss not being able to see them every week.  I loved that preschool. They said they were only taking 1 year off, to find someone to replace Mrs. D.  But really, they can't. She's irreplaceable, so I don't have any idea how they will open it back up again.  So many of my family graduated from there, I love it.   I feel bad for Sam, sometimes it feels like he's missing out.  But he's really not, he still gets the love.   We all do.  We get to see her in church next time we go.  And we'll always say the Open/Shut them Prayer at family get togethers.