Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better than Baubles


This arrived for me yesterday.  My new Camera.  

Usually when we go on Vacation, I get myself a little bauble of the trip.  I like to get earrings or something, like my silver maple leaves from Canada, or pearl studs from Sea World, when we went to DisneyWorld I got a silver ring to match earrings I bought before.  Anyway, I wasn't sure what I was going to find in Wisconsin, but fate (in the form of Christopher) intervened, and Chris threw my point and shoot camera over the balcony on Bohl's wedding day.  I have found that I miss that point and shoot.  Having to carry the Beast around all the time, is bulky and inconvenient.  So Eric picked out a sweet pink point and shoot for me.  It's a Pink Powershot.  It is Stinky Adorable, and mighty handy.  I've missed having a  pocket/purse camera. 

This morning Chris and I gave it a test run.  

It captures Sweetboys pretty nicely.  

The flash tends to automatically go off, but it doesn't wash out sweetboys too much.  

I popped up to Lisa's to pick up a couple things she had set aside for me (like a nebulizer for Eric, woohoo).   We took a walk around her garden.  It was wonderful to visit some of my favorite people this week.  

Yum Yum!  Those tomato plants have taken over, but Lisa can still find a pepper or two to sample. ;)

Annie loves to come in and help, we put her to work to "catch the moth" before it laid eggs, her method was to clap at it, until it flew away. 

Sister Golden Hair Suprise. 

There were some roses gone wild that had opened up and were blooming happily in the sun.  

You know how much I love to take pictures of flowers.  I'm pretty impressed with the Skillz of this little camera. 

Now Sam gets to spend tomorrow with Grandma, but I haven't spend much time (where I'm not distracted by kids gone crazy) with her (or any fam) in a while, so we met for lunch today.  Awesome!   Sam was in a great mood, he's feeling much better on his drugs from strep.  On the down side, he seems to have given his strep to me this evening.  Luckily, I had put a call in this morning to get drugs, Just In Case.  Well, after naps, Just In Case, came true.  Hope these drugs kick in before my flight in the morning.  Wish us all luck.  

But spending time with my family this week, and this weekend with Lisa, I'm just feeling abundantly Blessed. I have wonderful friends and family, and the sweetest husband who gets me pretty things, even things that sparkle in a way that wasn't diamond cut.  I don't really need more stuff, but I'm so glad he got me this, now I don't have to take the Beast to Texas tomorrow.  It's better than jewelry, this camera will capture some great memories.  

As happy as I am, I love my new camera, but I love my family more.  Even though I'm coming down with something, I got to spend nice quality time with my family, surrounded in their love.  I am so Blessed.