Monday, August 13, 2012

Pretty Park Day


Saturday was a lazy day for us. But it was Gorgeous outside.  After a couple days rain, we suddenly were blessed with a beautiful sunny day in the low 80s.  So I wanted to get the boys outside, though they would have been content to watch tv in their jammies all day.  But when we suggested a family trip to the park, they jumped at the chance.

We couldn't have picked a prettier day to go.

Christopher has discovered a new skill:  SWINGING.  He ran across the park and hopped on a swing, I had no idea he picked this up this week.  So really, going to the park was therapeutic. I am so Proud of him! 

High Sliding!

At the park there's this crazy coil and Chris climbed right up it.  But when he got to the top he was afraid to come back down.  So I went over to spot him.  Sam saw me over there, and as soon as Chris was down and gone, moved on to the next big thing, Sam climbed up.  

Amazing.  And a bit terrifying at the same time.  But he's awful Cute when he reaches the top.

Sam also found a way to do some Swinging too.  On Daddy! 

The park recently installed a rock, and the boys indulged my little photo jam session.  

They turned out pretty awesome, I think.

Indicative of the Awesomeness of the day.