Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break's End


We sent my brother in law back to Afghanistan last Monday. It's wierd, he's still not all the way back yet, he got stuck in Kuwait, and now he's in Bagram, semi-civilized. But Sam and I met them at the airport for brunch on the morning he left.

Highly classy Fancy breakfast at McDonalds'. ;)

But the reason I wanted to meet them at the airport, was because I had made James a book. A little book of 4X6s of pictures that I made of the trips we had taken, and the stuff we'd done, pictures I'd taken, chock full of Cuteness. They are so tough, no blubbering, so much strength. When it was nearing time to say goodbye, the kids started to get a little crazy, so James escorted us all back to our cars.

The last family picture for 3 months.

As we were walking down the hall, a man passed us, stopped and pointed to James, all handsomely bedecked in his fatigues, and said, "Hey Man. Thank you for what you're doing." It brought tears to my eyes.

It is a Sacrifice. It's a huge sacrifice.  He's sacrificing time with his family, risking his life, going away to stop bad guys, and helping strangers. He had entire duffel bag full of candy and toys to take back with him to give to the Afghani children. They love it when James comes to town. It's huge.  And just like that random guy said, Thank you. Because of what all these soldiers do - I am free to sit at my computer, wearing my cross, drinking my coffee, and say whatever I want.

 God Bless You.