Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wordy Wednesday The Slumber Party


I know, I know, it's crazy. You're thinking, WHAT? A Slumber Party? In the middle of the week? Oh yes. I am just that kind of crazy.

My brother in law (who I've mentioned) was in town for two weeks from Afghanistan. Only two short weeks and he's headed back there with the Army. I had offered, before he even got home, to borrow the girls for a night, so they could escape for a hot date, hotel, the whole romantic shebang. Somehow, though, our schedules got all crazy, Easter happened, and suddenly I realized that I had no time to borrow sweetgirls.
I renewed my offer. They weren't going to hold me to it, too many familial obligations over the weekend, but I wanted them to have some Time.
And Frankly, I am Abundantly Blessed in having 4 nieces. So, whenever they can come over for a slumber party, and I get a few extra hours of their cuteness, I'll take it.
So, Lisa and James brought the girls over on Wednesday night for a slumber party.

And we got to see them play a bit with the girls before they headed out to "the lamest date ever".

I definitely got the sweeter end of the lollipop. Lisa left and we let the kids play for about a half an hour, just long enough to not add much more mess. Then we pajamafied them all. And we let them curl up to watch a bedtime show. Not a big surprise Sam and Chris both chose Octonauts. We've recorded a whopping 19 episodes, and those boys will blow through them in days over and over again if I let them. We watched one, and then read the corresponding library book, that Christopher had JUST picked up from his class.

True, they stayed up a smidge later than usual on a school night. But I was in bed in the spare room, with the girls and out by 9:30. Not too shabby.
And they were so darn adorable, curled up on the couch, watching some tv, listening to a story. Even praying together, and thanking God for Octonauts (Sam). I was Completely Blessed they got along so well, get along so well. I know it's not always the case, but they did and do, and with the girls crashing in the spare room, I think they did better for me, than they sometimes do for their parents, maybe it was the 'strange' environment, and maybe that helps me. I'll take it.

My kids did well the next day, and so did theirs. It was a great night, followed by an amazing day.