Monday, April 9, 2012

Eggy Time


One of my favorite things to do at Easter, is dying eggs. Somehow with Spring Break sneaking up on us, egg dying got away from us. Until Saturday night.

Then by gum, we did it up! Both boys couldn't wait to mix up the pills in vinegar.

The last two years, I've hosted 'Egg Decorating' Parties where I set up for the mess, get crazy with kits. But I didn't do this year. There were cooties, people moving, Spring Break. So it was just Us, with 1 dozen eggs, and 1 kit.

And it was Nice.

Even Daddy got in on the action this year. ;)

Sam wanted Blue eggs. Chris mixed it up a little. But Sam and his 3 blue eggs stole the show, as he got Really Angry every time I tried to pull them out of the juice.

And they both were quite distraught after we'd colored the 12, and we were done.

Next year, remind me to do 2 Dozen. At least.