Friday, April 27, 2012

The New Neighbors


Last week, after Fina died. I was hearing things. Tapping. I could hear her little annoying toenails on the floor. I could hear her bamming into the wall. I confess, I thought I was hearing things, ghostly wacky things. Eric and I talked about it, he thought he was hearing things too. We just chalked it up Fina just being so noisy, that we never noticed the 'regular' house noises. Until I was sitting in the bathroom a couple mornings later. Then I heard it. Loud, scratching noises right above my head. Accompanied by Chirps. There were Birds in the Bathroom Vent. Apparently, Eric didn't put a cap on it before the weather got crummy. And now we have a little birdy family living between the floors, so that I can hear them below me in the master bath, and above me in the downstairs bath. Yesterday, I went outside and ok pictures of our new neighbors

Thank goodness, these Blackbirds don't sing in the dead of night.

So I told them, that as long as they stay in the vent, they and their little babies can grow there, and we'll cap it in the fall. But should they come in our House, or break my fan, or get themselves smithereened somehow...They're getting Cleared Out. See? I'm neighborly.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, you sure are neighborly. We had birds in our vents a couple of years ago...we kicked them out...