Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break from Afghanistan


My brother in law arrived home from Afghanistan, for a 2 week 'Spring Break' on Saturday night. We got to see the family on Sunday. But I was dying to take them to the zoo. So yesterday, we went. Only when we got there, the crowds were Insane. What?! Is everyone on Spring Break or something.

I was most excited to see the blooming flowers, especially the tulips, so we spent our entire visit in the Gardens. But first Annie chose the Orchid exhibit. And the kids were being Extra sweet together. Annie was enchanted by a cockroach, and she and Sam had a great time tossing tiny stones into a tiny pool of water.

This was their first visit to the Gardens, and we had a great time. Frankly I had a wonderful simply taking their pictures. The girls were mildly tolerant of posing, Charlie was a champ at telling me CHEESE!! And Annie hardly wanted to hold still.

It was Beautiful to simply see them as a Happy Family of 4.

Especially when I get the girls to be sweet, tiptoeing among the tulips for me.

Everybody say, "Picnic!" My sister gets mildly annoyed with me, I think, for going bonkers taking pictures. I'm worse than my Dad. But in the end, it's so worth it. To me.

Annie wanted to Smell everything. Here she is with Lisa, smelling blooming Wisteria. And Charlie got in a snit, I can't remember why, and she had a snit stare-off with Daddy. Daddy won.

See what I mean? Simply Enchanting. And this is about as close as I've ever come to "Doing a photography session".

Sweetgirls run off into the sunset.

It was Freeing for James to be home, and when I told him that walking this 'balance beam' was Christopher's favorite. James hopped right up (Army keeps him in good shape) and surprised his girls walking on the giant balance beam. Pretty cool.

And we avoided the crowds. Bonus!


Seestor said...

Yup, good photog session - thanks!