Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Flowers and a Sweetboy Down on the Farm


$11.00 to go Chaperone a field trip to Traders Point Creamery.  4.50 for Chris, and another obnoxious 6.50 for me.  $11.00 so my son could lay in the grass.  I could have driven us there, and done that for free.
Friday we piled onto a bus of insanity, only to arrive, and have them be woefully unprepared for us.
I was so disappointed.  This organic creamery makes Wonderful milk, yogurt, ice cream, I was totally stoked to go on a tour.  Of course, I'd been there before.  Chris used to eat only their yogurt, so we'd go frequently, and when I was preggers, I adored their chocolate milk.  We would meet our friends there, let the kids run wild, walk around, see some cows, eat an awesome lunch, and go home.

I have had a better, less crazy time, on our own.  Christopher spent the first 45 minutes curling up on or in the picnic blanket.  They didn't know what to do with us when we arrived, so we stood there in an empty field. Then we had lunch.  Followed by a sample of their vanilla ice cream.  

This is what my $$ bought.  Really good ice cream.  But ice cream Christopher didn't want to eat.  (He'd have been more content with their chocolate milk - me too.)

He stirred it.  And then we waited around for another 1/2 hour while they figured out what to do with us.  Luckily, the teachers are AWESOME, and they started up a mass kindergarten game of Duck Duck Goose.  

Me, I took pictures of flowers.  It's my Therapy, keeps me sane.  And if I hadn't started snapping when I saw this Peony, the people at Trader's Point, would have gotten an earful.  

We took a walk in the garden.  We saw cilantro plants in bloom.  

Strawberry plants flowering.  Can you believe it?  It's April, and they have strawberries.  We saw a couple past flower, that were green seedy masses, but not quite strawberries.  Still, dude, it's April! 

Christopher at the entrance to the Garden.  They use the fruits and veggies they grow, as well, as the dairy, pork, beef, in the cooking at the restaurant.  It's an all organic creamery, an it's a good thing I support that, and what they are trying to do, or I'd have been really Peeved, at this whole thing.  I've been to 2 good dairy farms, Traders Point, and Fair Oaks Farms.  Both have great food and drink, but they take completely opposite approaches to the preparations.  But coming away from this, I was angry.  Angry that I paid 6 bucks to see No Cows, for a cuplet of ice cream Chris didn't like.  

Pretty flowers were the only thing that saved me, and them.  Had to look up this one, but it looks like Eric's kind of flower, it's the Blue Flax.  

Responsible for Flax seed, and one flower only blooms one day.  Kind of cool. 

See?  Taking pictures of flowers keeps me sane.