Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Monday

Got to tell you this day and December 26th I'm Jealous of my Canadian friends. They get the Monday after Easter off. And this week, by gum, that was All I wanted to do.
So Sam and I took Monday off.
Well, we went to Music class, but we chilled at home the rest of the day all around it. And by took the day off, I mean I didn't take any fancy pictures, or do much fancy. I did peruse my Easter pics, which were Copious and Cute. But the only picture I took on Monday was prompted by Sam.

The boys had been bugging their Daddy to open this present of Sam's. Particularly Sam. It's a Pirate ship Water table. And I opened the box, and Sam spent half the day sitting in an empty boat.


And would you Believe he was looking at me, like 'I' was the crazy one for taking his picture? No way baby, you're the crazy one....but at least he comes by it honestly.