Monday, April 30, 2012

Go Somewhere, Take Daddy's Camera


Happy Birthday to Lisa!  Happy Birthday to Yeta!  Happy Birthday to my Seestor!  Happy Birthday to Ju!

Well, technically it was Happy Birthday to Lisa (April 29), Me (May 1) and Charlie (May 5). 

Still, there was Bowl of Cake at Oma and Opa's house.  Plus schnitzel, spaetzle, and roasted pepper salad.   Charlie wasn't the only one stuffing her face.  She's just the only one that got photographed doing it.  I had to be Rolled out of there.  For some dadgum silly reason, I forgot to pack my camera, so I manned Daddy's most of the time...except when I am in the photos.  Luckily, he and I have Very similar cameras.So it's pretty easy for both of us to capture the Cuteness. 

Yes, Sam MIGHT be my child, IF a. he is mad about chocolate, to the point of stealing my dessert. b. Gets the aforementioned dessert all over himself.  

This is Lisa and I opening our presents from my Dad and Stepmom.  We received textbooks for class  that MB is teaching, Fairy Tales Across Cultures.  We are going to have our own class - just Lisa and I, kind of like a cross between auditing and independent study.  No pressure, finals, student loans, and we'll meet when we get the opportunity, and child care.  I think I've wanted to take one of my stepmoms fairy tales classes since I met her.  The first time I met her I was convinced she was Way Too Cool for my Dad.  It was true.  Now I get to participate in the Awesomeness that is getting to take one of her classes.  She's the Registrar and Grand Poobah at University of Indianapolis.  So if she wants to do this in her Spare Time, we couldn't be more excited. 

Well, enough talk about Class, time for more Birthday Party Cuteness.  

After filling the yahoos utterly completely full of sugar, we sent them outside (gotta love spring) to run it off.  They ran races around the house, and then they started playing Ring Around the Rosie with me.  I got the circle going.  Once they realized they all knew the song, they literally Booted me out.  

That's OK, it's easier for me to take pictures, when I'm not dancing along.  These were Two man Ring a Rosies. Love when they sang, Ring a Rosies, Pocka Pocka Posies. 

Chris has to Leap off the rock. No more tulips now.  

And whats right for 1 is right for all the rest.  Charlie has to launch of the rock.  

Sam was a little apprehensive about leaping off the rock.  That got all the others going too.  Except Annie. 

Annie wasn't in a rock launching place, she was so zonked out on sugar, she just ran.  Hard to capture a still of Crazy. And there was plenty of crazy to be had.