Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dueling Whatnots


Thursday my son told me not to come home.  Friday I didn't.  Instead I headed downtown with about 20,000 firefighters, and a few friends.  We saw this Firefighter Pipe Band, all fancily bedecked in kilts made from firefighter garb, and carrying their instruments, leaving a bar.  Wish we'd gotten to hear them play.  Would've been awesome.  Still we had a pretty awesome night.  

Our friend Juli hosted a wingding at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar downtown.  She was our Team Leader for our Breast Cancer Mosey group, Hakuna Matatas.  Her Mom is a 13 year Survivor and Thriver!    And she invited Kathleen and I.  So we left the boys in charge of the kids and headed downtown.  We didn't arrive until 6:30, so the happy hour had gotten really happy, and there were tons of people there.  We huddled up in a little corner,  and listened to music and sang, very loudly, until our ears were ringing and we couldn't each other, and we didn't care.

I spent the evening getting crazy, or at least getting as crazy as I can.   And the drinking.  Can't forget the drinking.  Though I didn't drink as much as I intended, as the waitress wouldn't wait on me, when she realized I was paying cash, and not just opening a tab.  Long story.  Oh well, a very nice gal came around with shots.  She got my $$.  

It had been a good 6 months since we'd gone out and played like this.  We are allowed to get a little crazy.   
It's just not the wisest idea to go out drinking and staying out late, the night before our race.  But what a way to celebrate Life.