Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Exercise in Editing

I took this picture of the very last snowdrop plant that was still blooming at my Dad's when we went down there Easter Sunday.

We'd been talking in this group I'm in, about editing, so I decided to play around with it, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

First I cropped one side, I loved the contrast of the red tulips in the background with the white snowdrop in the foreground.

Then I brightened it up a little, adding just a touch more fill light. But really, I don't think it needed much fancy post-processing.

Then I tried a different crop, which turns out to be my favorite, focusing in on the two blooms.

But I wondered if I could straighten it out a bit. Picasa has a Straighten feature. Sometimes I love a good Angle, but sometimes I like a more linear look, so to be able to play with it, is kind of fun.

However, as I kept pushing the straighten as far as it would go, it would crop out some of the picture.

And to get the stem straight as I wanted in my head, Straightening cropped out most of the picture. Still, it's not a bad pic, even losing a lot.

This was where I was going with trying to straighten, and it only left me one little bloom.

However, it is a Mighty nice little snowdrop bloom.


Yasher said...

Okay, those are ALL awesome (and the snowdrops look so different here!), but I think my favorite is your favorite. A close second being that single snow drop. All awesome!