Monday, April 23, 2012

Snowballs in April

Last week, the bush that borders my next door neighbors yard started blooming.   Technically our neighbor planted it, but the flowers are blooming in my yard.  So it counts as mine, right?!  Right.  He didn't realize when he planted it, and built the mini barn that his estimate of the end of his yard was actually 5 feet off.  So since the flowers are kind of mine too, I reserve the right to take pictures of them. 

Anyway, after having a few crappy days last week, the only way I'd gotten through the terrible day was sugar and caffeine,  the kids were getting on my last nerve as the sun set, I told Eric I was going on a flower walk.  I stepped outside and went over and took pictures of the bush.  I had thought it was a hydrangea, but it's not, it's a snowball bush.   


Well, as I approached, I saw a lovely Red Admiral butterfly.  So I snapped a picture of him.  

He quickly flew away, and then I saw the dragonfly.  I didn't realize until I was inside I'd gotten a picture of him to start.  I hadn't seen him until the butterfly was long gone.  But there he was.  

And he let me get Close.

I had been distracted by taking pictures of the flowers, which were blooming so pretty I hadn't even noticed the dragonfly.  

See?  They were looking so pretty in the setting sun.  Showing off their pretty white glow.  Gorgeous!  My favorite kind of snowball for April. 

There's something amazing about the build of a dragonfly, though, especially when he is kind enough to let me get close.  I don't know what it is.  But it's Cool.