Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A great Springy day


It was a gorgeous spring day. Just perfect for meeting up with my sister and brother in law with their girls at the zoo. The girls had a slumber party and spent the night, and we were going to meet up at the Zoo, to give them back...well, and play a day at the zoo, since we missed the animals entirely last time.

Our happy family checking out the seals first!

The girls were so excited about the fishies. But the lighting was funky, so it was hard to get good pics.

Takin' on the jellys

Sam walked up to the Jellyfish display, and yelled, "Jumping Jellyfish!" It's a line from his favorite show, the Octonauts. Also hysterical.

The jellies must have been showing off for us, they were dancing, and jumping, moving around so pretty. I could watch them all day.

Sam and the seals.

The Wests reach out to pet the sharks. Annie actually got one at one point.

A lovely family photo of the West family in front of the flowers. I was actually on a mission to capture as many sweet family pictures as the kids would let me, to put together a little flip book for James. So I stocked up on the cuteness. Especially as we went inside the dolphin pavilion.

The dolphins were doing a great job showing off.

And doing a wonderful job hypnotizing the kids.

Sam was having a great time.

But just as the show was ending, the kids started getting Done. Perfect timing for all.

On our way to the gardens Sam and I stopped in the forests to catch sight of a couple of the more active animals there.

I was hoping to meet a friend ever so briefly in the gardens, but it was not meant to be. However, I did get some time to take some flower pictures with Sam while we were waiting.

The Tulips were Gorgeous!

 Sam was precious in the gardens, literally stopping to smell the flowers. And I wanted to take a picture of the two of is, so I set up the camera, and he pushed the button. He was Utterly thrilled. Looks I may have two boys with the photography bug. I got the Best smile, because I let him push the button. Got to remember that.

Sam was being absolutely amazing and adorable in the gardens. We weren't there long, just long enough to snap a few pretty pics. He just wanted to run and play in the flowers, so I let him.

The kids were Done after just a couple hours at the zoo, so we decided to join back up with Lisa and her crew, drive thru for lunch, and stop for a picnic. We found a little oasis at Christopher's old preschool playground, fenced in, so that the kids can just Play. And play they did.

A family picture!

Annie and Charlie were having a great time on the slide.


I don't think I've seen the girls this happy in a long time. Too bad it won't last.


As with all good times, they must come to an end. We sent their Daddy back to Afghanistan on Monday...well, he's flying, he's not actually back there yet. Still, it's terribly sad. But we had a good time while we could, having fun in the sun shine.