Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Danke Oester Kaninchen


Happy Easter from The Willman Family!!!

Our celebration of Christ's resurrection on Easter sunday this year was busy. Crazy. Wonderful. We got to see all the family in town that love us, and that was just as it should be.

Plus Extra.

Our day started off early, Eric and I had to be at church early for Eric's was directing the bell choir, in a piece where they performed with the organ and a small brass ensemble. And I was Blessed to finally get my Voice back last week, just in time to be able to sing with the choir. But since we had to be there early, we had to wake the boys, and dress them before they got to see their goodies from the bunny.

Actually, the first words out of Christopher's mouth were, Did the Easter Bunny come?

I said I didn't know, but within seconds of coming downstairs, Chris found the empty egg carton, and started finding eggs.

Then the boys found their baskets. And it was all Crazytown from there.

Sam wanted to eat candy. He was thrilled about the special jelly beans that the bunny left for him, that were all natural and dye free, so he could eat them. It's been confirmed Sam has a red dye sensitivity that gives him rashy diarrhea. And even though he could eat all of these, just the same, he cleared out all but the red ones. Christopher even told us he wasn't going to eat any red candy either. (But he did.)

Sam made his Daddy proud by going straight from jelly beans to the Peeps.

Chock full of Sweetness (and sugar!) we headed to church and sang in the choir. We arrived home just as Eric's brothers and parents arrived for a pitch in lunch.

The Fam came over after church, and brought goodies like a Honey Baked Ham, amongst other super yummy wickenness, and we ate, chatted, and had a great time.

After our lunch, we went down to Oma and Opa's house for dinner. The boys got to meet up with our other sweet girl cousins, Annie and Charlie.

Chris was thrilled to spend some Quality Time with his cousins. Honestly, we didn't see much of them, they were playing their ever loving hearts out, and barely stopped moving the entire time they visited.

Annie and Charlie was chock full of crazy Joy too. They were so happy to go to Opa's house to play, and even happier to have their Daddy home.

This is Quite Possibly the best picture I have ever taken of Charlie. And she's really photogenic, and takes a lot of good pictures, a natural. But this is just 100% her personality.

The girls were having a great time playing outside, so much so, we barely could contain them for dinner.

But Oma has ways. She's got magic ways of wooing us in with hypnotizing tantalizing treats. She made this Easter Caterpillar (with yellow and green icing for Sam!) and hid little candies all over it for the kids.

The girls had Never had Chocolate Easter Bunnies before (gasp, can you believe it?!) so that was what they chose. And Oh my goodness, they were hysterical. Annie was oozing pride (and chocolate drool) as she kept talking about all the body parts she was biting off the bunny.

And Charlie just got on a chocolate high.

What can I say? Charlie is Funny at Easter. But hey?! Aren't we all. Eric was cracking me up with this face. He has a great love and appreciation of Peeps. And my stepmom put out Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Peeps. Weird you think, No, Scrumptious.

There was a rumor, you know. The rumor was, that the Easter Bunny had made a stop at Oma and Opa's house. That bunny must have had some kind of great pity on these kids, because they got SPOILED!

There were eggs and basketry everywhere. Each child got an egg hiding basket, PLUS a giant basket with their picture on it stuffed with goodies. It was Insane.

But it was also enchanting. The kids were having a wonderful time, picking up eggs. All 4 of them! Even Charlie was picking up quite a haul, and she's not even 2 yet.

Must've been Sam teaching her how it is done.

They wanted to break into their big baskets, and the boys got giant balls to play with, and for some reason, laying on them struck them as Fun. I definitely preferred this to when they started throwing them at eachother. It was when Chris beaned Sam in the head, that we called it a night, and headed home.

It was a Beautiful day. And if you think it was exhausting and wonderful looking at pictures and reading about it, it was the same living it. My God is so Good, we are so Loved, and so Abundantly Blessed.