Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Uber Wilbur Willman Fest


 Last Saturday we did a crazy thing. We hosted the entire Willman clan at the new house. Traditionally, we go up to Marion for Willman Family Easter, however, Grandpa Willman's 96th birthday was on Saturday, and you know what he wanted? To see our house.

So we got to host a birthday party for Great Grandpa (aka Dad, Grandpa, Uncle). Happy 96th Birthday Grandpa!

He is Well Loved, and we had a great spread for the family pitch in. We made Ham Balls. Always a big hit. We were Blessed with probably 30 of the 39 family member clan that showed up to share the Joy.

Soon to be 40! Cousins Sean and Anna announced they are expecting, with a card for Grandpa to read, with bitty baby booties included.

My sweetboy was on extra cute duty, and pretty happy to be spending time with his family.  Christopher spent so much of the time eating ham balls and running wild with his cousins, I didn't snap a single picture of him.

Toward the end, Grandpa called all four of his sons over, for a very serious looking meeting. It was to report, that they weren't getting any younger, and that he Grandpa has quite the stash of canes, wheelchairs, and whatnot, that anyone might need. We wouldn't to let it go to waste. But those boys listened to their Dad, even though not one of them needs any of that yet. Thank Goodness. Heck Grandpa himself only uses a cane.

They actually are all looking very good for their age.

We are Blessed.   Hope my boys inherit some of that from the Willman branch, the longevity, the health, and the thick hair.

Well, then because I am a little bonkers, and we figured we already had the house all set up anyway, we had 16 folks for church over for dinner, well, for part of dinner.  We hosted the salad course for Progressive Dinner.  It was an Exhausting but Awesome day.  I got to spend the day laughing and loving in our notso new home.   Hosting so much festivity, might have been a little too much, but it didn't feel like it, it felt like I was Abundantly Blessed.